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ClickHouse and Observability

ClickHouse efficiently stores and queries years of structured logs, traces, errors, time series events, profile data, metrics, and more. Cost savings of going with ClickHouse as your observability data storage can be 10-100x, depending on alternatives considered.


Off-the-shelf or self-build ClickHouse has you covered

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Vendors building observability solutions
Various companies, such as Sentry (specializing in error tracking and metrics), Chronosphere (offering structured logs and metrics), and Gitlab Opstrace (focused on error tracking and tracing), have opted for ClickHouse as their storage solution for observability data. This choice is driven by ClickHouse's exceptional cost savings on storage, often exceeding 10 times the efficiency, as well as its unparalleled query speeds that can handle multiple concurrent users.
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Teams building bespoke observability platforms
Usually, these teams opt for a combination of industry-leading technologies to build their custom solution. The common approach for observability use cases entails employing OpenTelemetry agents for data collection, utilizing ClickHouse as the database, and leveraging Grafana for creating dashboards and managing alerts. We internally employ this stack to empower observability within ClickHouse Cloud. This methodology has the potential to deliver cost savings ranging from 10 to 100 times compared to off-the-shelf solutions when it comes to storing detailed structured logs over the long term.

What do developers say?


ClickHouse helps us efficiently and reliably analyze logs across trillions of Internet requests to identify malicious traffic and provide customers with rich analytics.


Now, our customers can search through months of browser and server-side log data in under a second thanks to the tech behind ClickHouse.


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