ClickHouse and Redshift

Struggling with concurrency limitations or query latency on Redshift? Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution?

Learn more about why our customers are choosing ClickHouse over Redshift for their analytical workloads.


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"Moving over to ClickHouse, we were basically able to cut that (Redshift) bill in half"

Brooke McKim

Co-founder and CTO, Vantage

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Why do developers choose ClickHouse?

Redshift Performance Limitations

Redshift heavily limits concurrency which makes building customer-facing or highly parallelized applications very challenging. Redshift maxes out concurrency at 50 across all queues.

ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource-efficient database for analytics.
ClickHouse is designed to handle high levels of concurrency and can efficiently handle multiple concurrent users accessing and querying data. It provides robust performance and scalability for analytical workloads even with large numbers of concurrent users.

Companies all over the world use ClickHouse to power interactive, ad-hoc, and user-facing applications.


"As data size grew, we faced performance and cost challenges with AWS Redshift. Switching to ClickHouse improved our query performance by 20 times and greatly cut costs."

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Tao Ma, Data Engineering Lead, Jerry

Redshift High Query Latency

Amazon Redshift suffers from high query latency for a number of reasons. The reasons group into data governance, general administration, query optimization and often sub optimal table design.

ClickHouse is designed to deliver unparalleled performance for real-time analytics.
Companies tell us that they’ve found a 5x or greater improvement in query times when migrating their analytical workloads from Redshift to ClickHouse.

Whether you’re aggregating huge volumes of data or interactively slicing and dicing on the fly, ClickHouse ensures blazing speed.


"You can see that ClickHouse outperforms Redshift easily…. The performance of ClickHouse was consistent in returning results, with some spikes possibly related to the network storage. They also tested the performance of ClickHouse with different levels of concurrency, which showed predictable growth and a maximum query time of six seconds"

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Vadim Semenov

Redshift Significant Cost Burden

Optimizing query execution plans, indexing strategies, and database configuration parameters requires expertise and ongoing monitoring to address PostgreSQL performance bottlenecks.

ClickHouse’s efficient management of resources helps to maximize its cost-effectiveness.
ClickHouse was designed from the ground up for best-in-class resource utilization.

We’ve heard from customers that moving to ClickHouse from Redshift reduced costs by as much as 75%. And, during Rokt’s benchmark analysis, they discovered that ClickHouse was three times less expensive than Redshift.


"Moving over to ClickHouse we were basically able to cut that (Redshift) bill in half."


Brooke McKim, Co-founder and CTO, Vantage


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