ClickHouse v21.11 Released

ClickHouse® is an open-source, high performance columnar OLAP database management system for real-time analytics using SQL.

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ClickHouse Announces $250 Million in Funding

Raising the Company’s Valuation to $2B

Why ClickHouse

Our feature rich and hardware efficient OLAP data management system is the right choice for your organization.


ClickHouse supports best in the industry query performance, while significantly reducing storage requirements through our innovative use of columnar storage and compression.


Battle tested in production, with linear horizontal scalability from single-server deployments to clusters with many thousands of nodes.


ClickHouse deployments feature best in class availability. There are no single points of failure, with the architecture supporting multi-master replication, performing effectively in multi-region configurations.


ClickHouse comes with enterprise grade security features and fail-safe mechanisms protecting against data corruption from application bugs and human errors.

ClickHouse Users

ClickHouse was born and in production inside Yandex over a decade ago and now stores 10’s of trillions of rows of data serving a query throughput of 2TB per second for Yandex Metrica. It has also become the de facto standard inside Yandex for advertising systems, monitoring and observability data, business intelligence, recommendations platforms, OLAP, and even cars telemetry.

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  • Stores 10’s of trillions of rows of data
  • Query throughput of 2TB per second
  • Became de facto standard inside Yandex

Uber moved it’s logging platform to ClickHouse increasing developer productivity and overall reliability of the platform while seeing 3x data compression, 10x performance increase, and ½ the reduction in hardware cost.

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  • 3x data compression
  • 10x performance increase
  • ½ the reduction in hardware cost

eBay adopted ClickHouse for their real time OLAP events (Logs + Metrics) infrastructure. The simplified architecture with ClickHouse allowed them to reduce their DevOps activity and troubleshooting, reduced the overall infrastructure by 90%, and they saw a stronger integration with Grafana and ClickHouse for visualization and alerting.

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  • Reduced DevOps activity and troubleshooting
  • 10 times less hardware
  • Stronger integration with Grafana

Cloudflare was having challenges scaling their CitusDB-based system which had a high TCO and maintenance costs due to the complex architecture. By moving their HTTP analytics data to ClickHouse they were able to scale to 8M requests per second, deleted 10’s of thousands of lines of code, reduced their MTTR, and saw a 7x improvement on customer queries per second they could serve.

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  • Scaled to 8M requests per second
  • Reduced their MTTR
  • 7x improvement on query throughput

Spotify's A/B Experimentation platform is serving thousands of sub-second queries per second on petabyte-scale datasets with Clickhouse. They reduced the amount of low-variance work by an order of magnitude and enabled feature teams to self-serve insights by introducing a unified SQL interface for Data Platform and tools for automatic decision making for Experimentation.

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  • Reduced the amount of low-variance work
  • Enabled feature teams to self-serve insights
  • Tools for automatic decision making

ClickHouse helps serve the Client Analytics platform for reporting, deep data analysis as well as advanced data science to provide Deutsche Bank’s front office a clear view on their client's activity and profitability.

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  • Platform for reporting and deep data analysis
  • Advanced data science
  • Provide clear view of client's activity and profitability

ClickHouse works 100-1000x faster than traditional approaches

ClickHouse's performance exceeds comparable column-oriented database management systems that are available on the market. It processes hundreds of millions to over a billion rows and tens of gigabytes of data per server per second.

Detailed comparison

Quick Start

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates dirmngr
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv E0C56BD4

echo "deb main/" | sudo tee \
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y clickhouse-server clickhouse-client

sudo service clickhouse-server start
sudo yum install yum-utils
sudo rpm --import
sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo
sudo yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client

sudo /etc/init.d/clickhouse-server start
export LATEST_VERSION=$(curl -s | \
    grep -Eo '[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+' | sort -V -r | head -n 1)

tar -xzvf clickhouse-common-static-$LATEST_VERSION.tgz
sudo clickhouse-common-static-$LATEST_VERSION/install/

tar -xzvf clickhouse-common-static-dbg-$LATEST_VERSION.tgz
sudo clickhouse-common-static-dbg-$LATEST_VERSION/install/

tar -xzvf clickhouse-server-$LATEST_VERSION.tgz
sudo clickhouse-server-$LATEST_VERSION/install/
sudo /etc/init.d/clickhouse-server start

tar -xzvf clickhouse-client-$LATEST_VERSION.tgz
sudo clickhouse-client-$LATEST_VERSION/install/
# ARM (AArch64) build works on Amazon Graviton, Oracle Cloud, Huawei Cloud ARM machines.
# The support for AArch64 is pre-production ready.

wget ''
chmod a+x ./clickhouse
sudo ./clickhouse install
wget ''
chmod a+x ./clickhouse
wget ''
chmod a+x ./clickhouse
wget ''
chmod a+x ./clickhouse
sudo ./clickhouse install

There's a number of alternative options to get started, most notably the official Docker images of ClickHouse. To learn more about our future cloud offerings, contact us.

After you got connected to your ClickHouse server, you can proceed to:

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