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Check out some of our popular free courses.

Getting Started

60 minutes
Getting Started

Get up and running quickly with ClickHouse! In this course, you’ll learn how to create a new service, how primary keys work in ClickHouse, how to define a table, how to insert data, and how to run queries on your table.

Data Ingestion

60 minutes
Data Ingestion

In this course, you’ll learn techniques for getting data into your ClickHouse service, including how to insert a CSV/TSV file, how to insert data from another database, and how to use the various functions and table engines for ingesting data.

Materialized Views

60 minutes
Materialized Views

Creating views is an important step in optimizing your OLAP applications. In this course, you’ll learn how to define materialized views, including views that use the SummingMergeTree and AggregatingMergeTree table engines.

Upcoming live events

Join our community and attend our events to learn more about ClickHouse! Our team is always happy to support and answer any questions you may have about ClickHouse development. You can also access our list of older events hosted by us.

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