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ClickHouse Cloud on AWS

The fastest and most resource-efficient analytical database, ClickHouse, is now available as a service on AWS. ClickHouse Cloud on AWS allows you to experience the speed and scalability of the fastest OLAP database on earth without any need to manage the infrastructure. ClickHouse has been reviewed by AWS and is an official AWS Partner, and ClickHouse Cloud is Qualified Software on AWS.
Available on AWS Marketplace
Add a ClickHouse Cloud subscription to your AWS account for simple billing and vendor management. Both development and Production services are available, with transparent pricing that is simply added to your monthly AWS bill.
Secure. Verified. Compliant
ClickHouse has been independently audited and awarded SOC 2 Type II compliance and is recognised by AWS as Qualified Software. ClickHouse cloud is serverless, simple and secure. To learn more, visit our trust centre.
Learn ClickHouse on AWS
Visit the ClickHouse Academy to find self-paced and live training that will help you to get the best from ClickHouse Cloud. All types are available exclusively on AWS.
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