Options for every user, organization, and use case
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Great for smaller workloads and proofs of concept
$50 - $193/mo

Up to 1 TB storage

16 GiB total memory

Burstable CPU

Backups every 24h, retained for 1 day

Replicated across 2 AZs

Expert support with 24-hr response time

AWS Private Link support

Automatic scaling

$ 35.33
Per 1 TB / mo
Per unit / hr


Designed to handle production environments and larger workloads
Usage based

Unlimited storage

24GiB+ total memory

Dedicated CPU

Backups every 24h, retained for 2 days

Replicated across 3 AZs

Expert support with 1 hour response time

AWS Private Link support

Automatic scaling

$ 47.10
Per 1 TB / mo
Per unit / hr


Built to effortlessly scale along with your needs
Volume based

Everything in Production, plus:

Uptime SLA available for production workloads

Custom setup for high-volume use cases

Volume discounts with annual commitments

Streamlined payment overhead

Consultative migration guidance

Dedicated support engineers

Pricing philosophy

payment method
Pay only for what you use

We automatically scale up and down compute resources based on your workload

We scale storage and compute separately, due to our flexible architecture

We automatically scale unused resources down to zero so that you don’t pay for idle services

payment method
Control and transparency

Identify key usage drivers using our metered pricing dimensions

Reserve compute resources to meet the needs of the most demanding workloads

Set compute autoscaling limits to prevent runaway queries from unexpected bills

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