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Why do developers choose ClickHouse?

BigQuery Data Usage Limitations

BigQuery is a data platform designed for large datasets, but it does come with a number of limitations, along with a complex pricing structure that make ClickHouse a better solution for real-time data analytics on the Google Cloud Platform.

ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource-efficient database for analytics.
ClickHouse is designed, in both engineering and pricing structure, to handle huge volumes of queries efficiently. ClickHouse does not charge based on bytes scanned, or try to limit customers by number of queries.

ClickHouse is used by companies at scale to power workloads with high variability, that are customer-facing, interactive, and of large-volume.


We needed a solution that could scale, but also provide end-user facing analytics capabilities with low latency and high throughput.

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BigQuery High Costs

BigQuery’s pricing model can lead companies to artificially constrain usage or access to data, leading to lower ROI.

ClickHouse is designed to manage huge volumes of data efficiently.
ClickHouse’s efficient management of resources helps to maximize its cost-effectiveness. ClickHouse was designed from the ground up for best-in-class resource utilization.

For example, Prefect reduced costs by 33% moving from BigQuery to ClickHouse, and Juspay reduced its operating expenses by 10x after migrating its analytics workloads from BigQuery to ClickHouse.


It [BigQuery] discourages data usage. Instead of encouraging analysts to query the database in any and all ways they can imagine you’ll end up worrying about needing to limit them and come up with processes for controlling the volume of data being used.”

“We simply don’t want the hassle of trying to figure out in advance of how many BQ slots to purchase - what a headache!”

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BigQuery Query Latency

Achieving sub-second query response times and supporting highly concurrent workloads can be painful in BigQuery, if not impossible.

ClickHouse is purpose-built for real-time, large-volume, data analytics.
ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource-efficient database for analytics and is designed to serve queries with high concurrency without enforcing limits on the number of parallel queries.

Whether you’re aggregating large volumes of data in real-time, interactively slicing and dicing on the fly, or powering customer-facing dashboards, ClickHouse ensures blazing speed.


"In our own testing and benchmarks, we’ve found that migrating analytics queries from BigQuery to ClickHouse can lead to a 10x or greater performance improvement on the same set of resources."

Dale McDiarmid, Software Engineer

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