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Discover how businesses use ClickHouse to build real-time applications, extract valuable insights from large-scale and complex streaming datasets, and accelerate their analytical workloads.

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Real-time Dashboards
Power interactive applications that analyze and aggregate large amounts of data on the fly. Often, these are customer-facing or business-critical and used by internal stakeholders. Trusted at scale, with massive deployments managing hundreds of petabytes of compressed data.
Real-time Analytics
Managing continuous streams of events where real-time analysis is key. Often, directly driving business decisions and outcomes.  Relied on by companies all over the world to process tens of billions of new events per day.
Business Intelligence
Interactively slice and dice your data for analysis, reporting, and building internal applications.  Leveraged to better understand business usage, user behaviors, ad and media performance, market dynamics, and more.
Data Warehouse Speed Layer
Performance boost to your existing data stack. Offload analytical workloads from your Data Warehouse to maximize resource efficiency and optimize for blazing speed. The efficient data store for applications and businesses large and small.
Logging & Metrics
Monitor with confidence your vast logs, metrics, and traces. Detect anomalies, fraud, network or infrastructure issues, and more. Used at scale to ingest millions of records per second as the trusted SQL-based observability store.
ML & Data Science
Leverage powerful aggregations and functions to train models over massive data sets. Supports fast and efficient vector queries. A central data store that meets your ML infrastructure needs.


Financial Services

Trading and market analytics, fraud detection, risk monitoring, blockchain, and more. 

Marketing & Sales

Data store for Adtech, web analytics, SEO, and much more.

E-Commerce & Retail

Real-time inventory monitoring and overall tracking for online businesses.


Including IoT, Energy, Biotech, Manufacturing, and others.

Media & Entertainment

Assess the performance of videos, assets, and other media in real-time.


Understand player behavior, gaming dynamics, and other key insights used to improve overall gameplay.

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