Use cases

Unlock faster queries and the ability to handle greater concurrency. No matter how much data you’re working with.

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Real-time analytics
Power interactive applications and dashboards that analyze and aggregate large amounts of data on the fly. Run complex internal analytics in milliseconds, not minutes or hours. Relied on by companies all over the world to process tens of billions of new events per day.
Machine learning and GenAI
Execute fast and efficient vector search. Plug-and-play Generative AI models from any provider. Use lightning-fast aggregations to power model training at petabyte scale. A central data store for your machine learning workloads.
Business intelligence
Interactively slice and dice your data for analysis, reporting, and building internal applications. Leveraged to better understand business usage, user behaviors, ad performance, market dynamics, and more. Offload your workloads from traditional warehouses and lakes for speed and efficiency at scale.
Logs, events, and traces
Monitor with confidence your logs, events, traces, and other time series data. Detect anomalies, fraud, network or infrastructure issues, and more. Used at scale to ingest millions of records per second as the trusted SQL-based observability store.