ClickHouse Docs have a new look and feel!



ClickHouse is impressively fast, in fact, that is core to our engineering ethos and the goals of the project.

Understanding ClickHouse (or any new product) and using it effectively is a journey. This is why documentation is so fundamental to the industry broadly and to us, directly. We’ve spent a fair bit of time recently with the documentation, not only improving existing but building out an entire new collection of content to help developers, admins, architects and analysts gain the knowledge they need to successfully use ClickHouse.

Here is what you will find in this new version of the docs:

  • A redesigned Quick Start and Tutorial to get up and running quickly
  • A new Connect a UI section with guides on how to connect popular UI/BI tools to ClickHouse like Grafana, Metabase, Superset, and Tableau
  • A new Integrations section of guides on how to connect ClickHouse to external systems like Kafka, AWS S3, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Airbyte and much more
  • We are particularly excited about the new User Guides section filled with articles, tutorials and how-to guides covering all sorts of fundamental and advanced ClickHouse topics. We want users to understand important topics like how to choose a primary key, configure the new ClickHouse Keeper, improve query performance, and lots of other helpful tips and tricks.
  • The historical docs can be found in the new Reference section, where you will find all the technical details like a complete ClickHouse SQL reference, an explanation of the various ClickHouse data types, instructions on how to build ClickHouse from the source code, and much more.

Have you ever wanted to contribute to an open-source project? Are you a fan of ClickHouse or on the learning journey yourself? Documentation is often a great place to get started.

According to the Github Open Source Survey:

Incomplete or outdated documentation is a pervasive problem, observed by 93% of respondents, yet 60% of contributors say they rarely or never contribute to documentation. 

We strongly encourage users of ClickHouse and providers of integrated platforms to contribute new articles and user guides. To contribute, simply create a pull request in the new public ClickHouse/clickhouse-docs repo. We chose a user-friendly Creative Commons license for the new docs to allow for contributions and non-commercial use. (Note: that changes and contributions to the historical docs will continue in the ClickHouse/ClickHouse repo.)

You are all welcome to join us on the journey of documenting!

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