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ClickHouse integrations are organized by their support level:

  • Core integrations: built or maintained by ClickHouse, they are supported by ClickHouse and live in the ClickHouse GitHub organization
  • Partner integrations: built or maintained, and supported by, third-party software vendors
  • Community integrations: built or maintained and supported by community members. No direct support is available besides the public GitHub repositories and community Slack channels

Each integration is further categorized into Language client, Data ingestion, Data visualization and SQL client categories.


We are actively compiling this list of ClickHouse integrations below, so it's not exhaustive. Feel free to contribute any relevant ClickHouse integration to the list.

Core integrations
Amazon KinesisData ingestionIntegration with Amazon Kinesis.Documentation
Amazon MSKData ingestionIntegration with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK).Documentation
Amazon S3Data ingestionImport from, export to, and transform S3 data in flight with ClickHouse built-in S3 functions.Documentation
CassandraCassandra logoData integrationAllows ClickHouse to use Cassandra as a dictionary source.Documentation
CHDBSQL ClientAn embedded OLAP SQL EngineGitHub,
ClickHouse ClientSQL clientClickHouse Client is the native command-line client for ClickHouse.Documentation
DeltaLakeDelta Lake logoData integrationprovides a read-only integration with existing Delta Lake tables in Amazon S3.Documentation
EmbeddedRocksDBData integrationAllows integrating ClickHouse with rocksdb.Documentation
FivetranData ingestionClickHouse Cloud destination for the Fivetran data movement platform.Documentation
Google Cloud StorageData ingestionImport from, export to, and transform GCS data in flight with ClickHouse built-in S3 functions.Documentation
GoLanguage clientThe Go client uses the native interface for a performant, low-overhead means of connecting to ClickHouse.Documentation
HDFSData integrationProvides integration with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem by allowing to manage data on HDFS via ClickHouse.Documentation
HiveData integrationThe Hive engine allows you to perform SELECT quries on HDFS Hive table.Documentation
HouseWatchHouseWatch logoData managementOpen source tool for monitoring and managing ClickHouse clusters.GitHub
HudiApache Hudi logoData integrationprovides a read-only integration with existing Apache Hudi tables in Amazon S3.Documentation
IcebergApache Iceberg logoData integrationProvides a read-only integration with existing Apache Iceberg tables in Amazon S3.Documentation
JDBCData integrationAllows ClickHouse to connect to external databases via JDBC table engine.Documentation
Java, JDBCLanguage clientThe Java client and JDBC driver.Documentation
KafkaData ingestionIntegration with Apache Kafka, the open-source distributed event streaming platform.Documentation
Looker StudioData visualizationLooker Studio is a free tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports.Documentation
LookerData visualizationLooker is an enterprise platform for BI, data applications, and embedded analytics that helps you explore and share insights in real time.Documentation
MetabaseMetabase logoData visualizationMetabase is an easy-to-use, open source UI tool for asking questions about your data.Documentation
MinIOMetabase logoData ingestionMinIO is a High Performance Object Storage released under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. It is API compatible with the Amazon S3 cloud storage serviceDocumentation
MongoDBData integrationMongoDB engine is read-only table engine which allows to read data (SELECT queries) from remote MongoDB collection.Documentation
MySQLData integrationThe MySQL engine allows you to perform SELECT and INSERT queries on data that is stored on a remote MySQL server.Documentation
NATSData integrationAllows integrating ClickHouse with NATS.Documentation
Node.JSLanguage clientThe official JS client for connecting to ClickHouse.Documentation
ODBCODBC logoData integrationAllows ClickHouse to connect to external databases via ODBC table engine.Documentation
PostgreSQLData integrationAllows to perform SELECT and INSERT queries on data that is stored on a remote PostgreSQL server.Documentation
PowerBIPowerBI logoData visualizationMicrosoft Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product developed by Microsoft with a primary focus on business intelligence.Documentation
PythonLanguage clientA suite of Python packages for connecting Python to ClickHouse.Documentation
QuickSightData visualizationAmazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale.Documentation
RabbitMQData integrationAllows ClickHouse to connect RabbitMQ.Documentation
RedisData integrationAllows ClickHouse to use Redis as a dictionary source.Documentation
SQLiteData integrationAllows to import and export data to SQLite and supports queries to SQLite tables directly from ClickHouse.Documentation
SupersetData visualizationExplore and visualize your ClickHouse data with Apache Superset.Documentation
Tableau OnlineTableau Online logoData visualizationTableau Online streamlines the power of data to make people faster and more confident decision makers from anywhereDocumentation
dbtdbtData ingestionUse dbt (data build tool) to transform data in ClickHouse by simply writing select statements. dbt puts the T in ELT.Documentation

Partner integrations
AirbyteAirbyte logoData ingestionUse Airbyte, to create ELT data pipelines with more than 140 connectors to load and sync your data into ClickHouse.Documentation
AtlasAtlas logoSchema managementManage your ClickHouse schema as code.Documentation
Azure Event HubsData IngestionA data streaming platform that supports Apache Kafka's native protocolWebsite
Calyptia (Fluent Bit)Calyptia logoData ingestionCNCF graduated open-source project for the collection, processing, and delivery of logs, metrics, and tracesBlog
CloudCanalData integrationA data synchronization and migration tool.Website
CloudQueryData ingestionOpen source high-performance ELT framework.Documentation
ConfluentData ingestionIntegration with Apache Kafka on Confluent platform.Documentation
Cube.jsData visualizationCube is the Semantic Layer for building data apps.Website
DBeaverSQL clientFree multi-platform database administration tool. Connects to Clickhouse through JDBC driver.Documentation
DataGripSQL clientDataGrip is a powerful database IDE with dedicated support for ClickHouse.Documentation
DataddoDataddo logoData integrationData integration platformWebsite
DbVisualizerDbVisualizer logoSQL clientDbVisualizer is a database tool with extended support for ClickHouse.Documentation
DecodableDecodable logoData ingestionPowerful Stream Processing Built On Apache FlinkWebsite
DeepnoteData visualizationDeepnote is a collaborative Jupyter-compatible data notebook built for teams to discover and share insights.Documentation
DraxlrData visualizationDraxlr is a Business intelligence tool with data visualization and analytics.Documentation
EMQX320备份Data ingestionEMQX is an open source MQTT broker with a high-performance real-time message processing engine, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.Documentation
ExploExplo logoData visualizationExplo is a customer-facing analytics tool for any platformDocumentation
GigasheetGigasheet logoData visualizationA cloud big data analytics spreadsheet that enables business users to instantly analyze and explore ClickHouse data.Website
GrafanaData visualizationWith Grafana you can create, explore and share all of your data through dashboards.Documentation
Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations logoData managementAn open-source data management tool, with a paid cloud offering.Website
GrowthBookGrowthBook logoData visualizationWarehouse native experimentation platform (feature flagging and A/B testing).Documentation
HEXHEX logoData visualizationHex is a modern, collaborative platform with notebooks, data apps, SQL, Python, no-code, R, and so much more.Documentation
HashboardData visualizationHashboard is a business intelligence platform that enables self-service data exploration and metric tracking.Documentation
HighTouchHighTouch logoData integrationSync your data directly from your warehouse to 140+ destinationsWebsite
HolisticsHolistics logoData visualizationBusiness Intelligence for ClickHouse databaseWebsite
JitsuData analyticsAn open-source event collection platform.Documentation
LangChain🦜️🔗SDKLangChain is a framework for developing applications powered by language modelsDocumentation, Example
MageMetaplane logoData IngestionOpen-source data pipeline tool for transforming and integrating dataDocumentation
MetaplaneMetaplane logoData managementData observability for every data teamWebsite
MindsDBMindsDB logoAI/MLThe platform for customizing AI from enterprise dataWebsite
MitzuMitzu logoData visualizationMitzu is a no-code warehouse-native product analytics application. Find funnel, retention, user segmentation insights without copying your data.Documentation
Mode AnalyticsMode logoData visualizationBusiness Intelligence built around data teamsWebsite
OmniData visualizationBusiness intelligence that speaks your language. Explore, visualize, and model data your way with Omni. From spreadsheets to SQL—in a single platform.Website
OpenblocksOpenblocks logoSQL clientOpenblocks is a low code platform for building UIsDocumentation
PopsinkData integrationBuild real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) pipelines to ClickHouse.Documentation
PeerDBPeerDB logoData integrationPeerDB provides a fast, simple and cost-effective way to replicate data from Postgres to Data Warehouses, Queues and Storage.Documentation
PrequelData sharingConnect your ClickHouse instance to Prequel to share data to or sync data from your users and partners.Documentation
RedashRedash logoData visualizationConnect and query your data sources, build dashboards to visualize data and shareWebsite
RedpandaRedpanda logoData ingestionRedpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. It’s API-compatible with Apache Kafka, but 10x faster, much easier to use, and more cost effectiveBlog
RetoolNo codeCreate your application with drag-and-drop interface.Documentation
RillData visualizationRill is an Operational BI tool purpose-built for slicing & dicing data with OLAP engines.Documentation
RisingWaveData ingestionSQL stream processing with a Postgres-like experience. 10x faster and more cost-efficient than Apache Flink.Documentation
RudderStackData ingestionRudderStack makes it easy to collect and send customer data to the tools and teams that need itDocumentation
RunRevealRunReveal logoData ingestionIngest and normalize audit logs from any SaaS application into ClickHouse. Create alerts and detections from scheduled queries.Website
SiSenseSiSense logoData visualizationEmbed analytics into any application or workflowWebsite
SigNozSigNoz logoData visualizationOpen Source Observability PlatformDocumentation
StreamingFastStreamingFast logoData ingestionBlockchain-agnostic, parallelized and streaming-first data engine.Website
StreamkapStreamkap logoData ingestionSetup real-time CDC (Change Data Capture) streaming to ClickHouse with high throughput in minutes.Documentation
SupabaseSupabase logoData ingestionOpen source Firebase alternativeGitHub,Blog
TABLUM.IOSQL clientTABLUM.IO ingests data from a variety of sources, normalizes and cleans inconsistencies, and gives you access to it via SQL.Documentation
TooljetTooljet logoData VisualizationToolJet is an open-source low-code framework to build and deploy custom internal tools.Documentation
UpstashData IngestionA data platform offering serverless Kafka and other solutionsWebsite
VectorVector logoData ingestionA lightweight, ultra-fast tool for building observability pipelines with built-in compatibility with ClickHouse.Documentation
WarpStreamData IngestionA Kafka compatible data streaming platform built directly on top of object storageWebsite
YepCodeData integrationYepCode is the integration & automation tool that loves source code.Documentation
Zing DataZing logoData visualizationSimple social business intelligence for ClickHouse, made for iOS, Android and the web.Documentation

Community integrations
Apache AirflowAirflow logoData ingestionOpen-source workflow management platform for data engineering pipelinesGithub
Apache BeamBeam logoData ingestionOpen source, unified model and set of language-specific SDKs for defining and executing data processing workflows. Compatible with Google Dataflow.Documentation
Apache InLongInLong logoData ingestionOne-stop integration framework for massive dataDocumentation
Apache NifiNifi logoData ingestionAutomates the flow of data between software systemsDocumentation
Apache SeaTunnelSeaTunnel logoData ingestionSeaTunnel is a very easy-to-use ultra-high-performance distributed data integration platformWebsite
Apache SparkApache Spark logoData ingestionSpark ClickHouse Connector is a high performance connector built on top of Spark DataSource V2.GitHub,
Apache StreamParkSeaTunnel logoData ingestionA stream processing application development framework and stream processing operation platform.Website
BytebaseByteBase logoData managementOpen-source database DevOps tool, it's the GitLab for managing databases throughout the application development lifecycleDocumentation
C#Language clientClickHouse.Client is a feature-rich ADO.NET client implementation for ClickHouseDocumentation
C++Cpp logoLanguage clientC++ client for ClickHouseGitHub
CHProxyData managementChproxy is an HTTP proxy and load balancer for the ClickHouse databaseGitHub
Chat-DBTAI IntegrationCreate ClickHouse queries using Chat GPT.GitHub
ClickHouse Monitoring DashboardDashboardA simple monitoring dashboard for ClickHouseGithub
Common Lispclickhouse-cl LogoLanguage clientCommon Lisp ClickHouse Client LibraryGitHub
DBNetAirflow logoSoftware IDEWeb-based SQL IDE using Go as a back-end, and the browser as the front-end.Github
DataLensDatalens logoData visualizationAn open-source data analytics and visualization tool.Website,
DataeaseDataease logoData visualizationOpen source data visualization analysis tool to help users analyze data and gain insight into business trends.Website
DatahubDatahub logoData managementOpen Source Data Catalog that enables data discovery, data observability and federated governanceDocumentation
DbmateData managementDatabase migration tool that will keep your database schema in sync across multiple developers and serversGitHub
DeepflowDeepflow logoData ingestionApplication Observability using eBPFWebsite
EasypanelEasypanel logoDeployment methodIt's a modern server control panel. You can use it to deploy ClickHouse on your own server.Website,
ExploData visualizationExplo helps companies build real-time analytics dashboard by providing flexible components.Website
FlinkFlink logoData ingestionFlink sink for ClickHouse database, powered by Async Http ClientGitHub
GooseGoose logoData migrationA database migration tool that supports SQL migrations and Go functions.GitHub,
IbisIbis logoLanguage clientThe flexibility of Python analytics with the scale and performance of modern SQLWebsite
JaegerJaeger logoData ingestionJaeger gRPC storage plugin implementation for storing traces in ClickHouseGitHub
JupySQLJupySQL logoSQL clientThe native SQL client for Jupyter notebooks.Documentation
KestraData orchestrationOpen source data orchestration and scheduling platformWebsite
LogchainAdaptive Logchain logoSecurityData security and privileged access managementWebsite
MeltanoData ingestionMeltano is an open-source, full-stack data integration platformDocumentation
Mprovemprove logoData visualizationSelf-service Business Intelligence with Version ControlWebsite
NetobservData managementAn OpenShift and Kubernetes operator for network observability.Blog
ObservableData visualizationObservable is a platform where you can collaboratively explore, analyze, visualize, and communicate with data on the web.Website
OpenTelemetryOtel logoData ingestionExporter that supports sending logs, metrics, trace OpenTelemetry data to ClickHouseGitHub
PHPPHP logoLanguage clientThis extension provides the ClickHouse integration for the Yii framework 2.0GitHub
PgwarehouseData ingestionSimple tool to quickly replicate Postgres tables into ClickHouseGitHub
PinaxPinax logoBlockchain analyticsIndexing, analytics, and search tools for blockchains.Blog
PulsePulseUI logoData managementA developer platform for internal data UIs.Website
QStudioQStudio logoGUIA simple to use GUI for interacting with ClickHouse databases.Website
QStudioqStudio logoSQL clientqStudio is a free SQL GUI for running SQL scripts and charting resultsDocumentation
Qrynqryn logoData Ingestion, Management, Visualizationqryn is a polyglot observability stack built on top of ClickHouse, transparently compatible with Loki, Prometheus, Tempo, Opentelemetry and many other formats and standard APIs without requiring custom clients, code or pluginsDocumentation, Github, Website
RSyslogRSyslog logoData IngestionThis module provides native support for logging to ClickHouse.Documentation
Rocket.BIData visualizationRocketBI is a self-service business intelligence platform that helps you quickly analyze data, build drag-n-drop visualizations and collaborate with colleagues right on your web browser.GitHub,
RubyRuby logoLanguage clientA modern Ruby database driver for ClickHouseGitHub
RustRust logoLanguage clientA typed client for ClickHouseGitHub
RR logoLanguage clientR package is a DBI interface for the ClickHouse databaseGitHub
SQLPadSQL clientSQLPad is a web app for writing and running SQL queries and visualizing the resultsDocumentation
ScalaScala logoLanguage clientClickHouse Scala Client that uses Akka HttpGitHub
SchemaSpySchemaSpy logoData visualizationSchemaSpy supports ClickHouse schema visualuzationGitHub
TableauTableau logoData visualizationInteractive data visualization software focused on business intelligenceDocumentation
TricksterCachetrickster-logoData visualizationOpen Source HTTP Reverse Proxy Cache and Time Series Dashboard AcceleratorWebsite
Visual Studio ClientVS logoLanguage clientVisual studio lightweight clientMarketplace
VulcanSQLVulcanSQL logoData API FrameworkIt's a Data API Framework for data applications that helps data folks create and share data APIs faster. It turns your SQL templates into data APIs. No backend skills required.Website,