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Logs, Events, & Traces with ClickHouse

Transform your logs, events, and traces with industry-leading compression ratios, sub-second query response times, powerful aggregation functions, and an extensive suite of integrations.

ClickHouse provides the cost-efficiency and blazing speed you need to power observability platforms at any scale.

Discover why companies are choosing ClickHouse as their blazing fast SQL-based observability store

**10-100x in cost savings** depending on alternatives considered

10-100x in cost savings depending on alternatives considered

**Best-in-class ingestion rates** for the most demanding workloads

Best-in-class ingestion rates for the most demanding workloads

**Up to 30x compression ratios** for the most efficient storage usage

Up to 30x compression ratios for the most efficient storage usage

ClickHouse helps us efficiently and reliably analyze logs across trillions of Internet requests to identify malicious traffic and provide customers with rich analytics.
At Sony Entertainment Television, we ingest tens of millions of CDN records into ClickHouse Cloud and run millions of queries against them daily. This allows our operations team to monitor the delivery of our content in real-time, and analyze/investigate potential issues the moment they arise. ClickHouse Cloud has helped us to optimize costs and ensure the high availability and resilience of our services.