Use cases / Logging & metrics

Logs, Events, & Traces with ClickHouse

Transform your logs, events, and traces with industry-leading compression ratios, sub-second query response times, powerful aggregation functions, and an extensive suite of integrations.

ClickHouse provides the cost-efficiency and blazing speed you need to power observability platforms at any scale.

Discover why companies are choosing ClickHouse as their blazing fast SQL-based observability store

**10-100x in cost savings** depending on alternatives considered

10-100x in cost savings depending on alternatives considered

**Best-in-class ingestion rates** for the most demanding workloads

Best-in-class ingestion rates for the most demanding workloads

**Up to 30x compression ratios** for the most efficient storage usage

Up to 30x compression ratios for the most efficient storage usage

System overview

ClickHouse for Observability

When it comes to SQL-based observability, ClickHouse shines in its ability to perform a huge range of analytical functions over massive volumes of data - leveraging features like high compression rates to ensure robust performance at scale.