“ClickHouse Cloud has made it absolutely effortless to use ClickHouse for data analysis while not having to spend any time managing cluster shards/replicas or worrying about provisioning on the storage or cpu side.”
“Amazing to have been one of the first users of ClickHouse Serverless Cloud. It's scalable and blazingly fast ClickHouse in the cloud with simple onboarding and excellent support. Great experience. ”
“We use Clickhouse Cloud to monitor millions of real-time web performance data points, to ensure we’re getting faster all the time. The platform delivers fast and reliable data management, while also proving to be cost efficient and user-friendly.”
“ClickHouse Cloud Private Preview has allowed us to replace a batch analytics pipeline with one that is near-real time and costs less to run without having to manage or scale a ClickHouse cluster ourselves.”
Washington Post
“At Synq we have very high demands of both ingestion and query performance. After a thorough vendor selection process, only ClickHouse Cloud was able to meet those requirements with ease, while providing the powerful preprocessing logic our solution requires.”
“Airtory needed a fast, scalable and affordable data engine to power our dynamic creatives, and ClickHouse was the perfect solution for this. The ease of the ClickHouse Cloud helped us ramp up quickly and offer powerful insights for our clients into their marketing campaigns giving them a great ROI.”
“At Instabug we rely on ClickHouse to help power our real-time observability solutions that developers rely on. ClickHouse Cloud will reduce our operational overhead and cost of managing ClickHouse ourselves allowing us to focus on our users.”
“Clickhouse Cloud gave us the confidence to deploy Clickhouse and infinitely have a scalable serverless analytics database.”
“Rokt has been an eager partner of ClickHouse as we modernize our analytics stack. By offloading operations to the experts our developers are focused on delivering the best experience possible while the business scales. We're thrilled to see the path ClickHouse is forging.”
“The team truly delivered on the fully managed Clickhouse product I've been looking for. The platform makes it trivial to spin up and connect to a cluster, and removes all concern around managing underlying infrastructure. I would highly recommend this product.”
“Darwinium chose Clickhouse as its database engine of choice because it is fast, flexible, rich in capabilities and cloud-ready. It provides the functionality we need to support real time user journey orchestration for fraud and security teams in global digital businesses.”
Uber moved its logging platform to ClickHouse increasing developer productivity and overall reliability of the platform while seeing 3x data compression, 10x performance increase, and ½ the reduction in hardware cost.
eBay adopted ClickHouse for their real time OLAP events (Logs + Metrics) infrastructure. The simplified architecture with ClickHouse allowed them to reduce their DevOps activity and troubleshooting, reduced the overall infrastructure by 90%, and they saw a stronger integration with Grafana and ClickHouse for visualization and alerting.
Reduced DevOps activity and troubleshooting
10 times less hardware
Stronger integration with Grafana
Cloudflare was having challenges scaling their CitusDB-based system which had a high TCO and maintenance costs due to the complex architecture. By moving their HTTP analytics data to ClickHouse they were able to scale to 8M requests per second, deleted 10’s of thousands of lines of code, reduced their MTTR, and saw a 7x improvement on customer queries per second they could serve.
Scaled to 8M requests per second
Reduced their MTTR
7x improvement on query throughput
Spotify’s A/B Experimentation platform is serving thousands of sub-second queries per second on petabyte-scale datasets with Clickhouse. They reduced the amount of low-variance work by an order of magnitude and enabled feature teams to self-serve insights by introducing a unified SQL interface for Data Platform and tools for automatic decision making for Experimentation.
Reduced the amount of low-variance work
Enabled feature teams to self-serve insights
Tools for automatic decision making
ClickHouse helps serve the Client Analytics platform for reporting, deep data analysis as well as advanced data science to provide Deutsche Bank’s front office a clear view on their client’s activity and profitability.
Platform for reporting and deep data analysis
Advanced data science
Provide clear view of client’s activity and profitability
$ curl https://clickhouse.com/ | sh

There’s a number of alternative options to get started, most notably the official Docker images of ClickHouse. Or, you can start a free 30 day trial of ClickHouse Cloud today.