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Creators of the online analytical processing (OLAP) database management system ClickHouse have announced their decision to officially incorporate as a company. The creator of ClickHouse, Alexey Milovidov (CTO), will be joined by co-founders and seasoned enterprise software executives, Yury Izrailevsky (President, Product and Engineering) and Aaron Katz (CEO), along with nearly $50M in Series A funding led by Index Ventures and Benchmark.

ClickHouse is an open-source, column-oriented OLAP database management system that allows users to generate analytical reports using SQL queries in real-time. Its technology works 100-1,000x faster than traditional database management systems, and processes hundreds of millions to over a billion rows and tens of gigabytes of data per server per second. With a widespread user base around the globe, the technology has received praise for its reliability, ease of use, and fault tolerance.

Meet the Team

ClickHouse Co-Founders

Yury Izrailevsky

Co-Founder & President, Product and Engineering

Aaron Katz

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexey Milovidov

Co-Founder & CTO

ClickHouse Team

Vitaly Baranov

Principal Sofware Engineer

Ivan Blinkov

VP, Product

Jason Chan

Adviser, Security, Privacy & Compliance

Vladimir Cherkasov

Software Engineer

Kristina Frost

Senior Director, Business Technology

Mihir Gokhale

Associate, Business Strategy & Ops

Mike Hayes

VP, Sales

Brian Hunter

Account Executive, AMER

Maksim Kita

Senior Software Engineer

Nikolai Kochetov

Engineering Team Lead

Anne Krechmer

Senior Recruiter

Pavel Kruglov

Software Engineer

Claire Lucas

Director, Business Strategy & Ops

Shavoyne McCowan

Executive Assistant

Nikita Mikhailov

Software Engineer

Dmitry Novik

Senior Software Engineer

Thom O’Connor

VP, Support & Services

Anton Popov

Senior Software Engineer

Rich Raposa

Director, Global Learning

Alexander Sapin

Engineering Team Lead

Kseniia Sumarokova

Software Engineer

Dorota Szeremeta

VP, Operations

Alexander Tokmakov

Software Engineer

Arno Van Driel


Ilya Yatsishin

Senior Technical Project Manager

Join the Team

ClickHouse Investors

Peter Fenton

Board Member

Mike Volpi

Board Member



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