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ClickHouse Cloud Update - September 2023

ClickHouse Cloud Team

In this live, interactive session, we will cover the latest advancements in ClickHouse Cloud user-facing features and architecture and our upcoming roadmap.

  • Open API & Terraform provider. Improved programmability of ClickHouse Cloud via RESTful APIs and orchestration through our new Terraform provider.
  • Secure access via S3 IAM roles. Extended access security with enterprise-ready RBAC controls for interfacing with your S3 buckets directly through ClickHouse Cloud.
  • Bring-your-own-key (BYOK) for on-disk encryption. Leverage your own key for on-disk encryption in ClickHouse Cloud to meet advanced regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Improved data loading. Seamlessly import data from local and remote sources, or directly from your Kafka streams, straight from the ClickHouse Cloud Console.
  • ClickPipes for Kafka and Confluent Cloud. A cloud-native integration engine for ClickHouse Cloud that makes ingesting massive volumes of data from a diverse set of sources simple as clicking a few buttons.
  • Cloud BI tool compatibility via MySQL protocol. Support for MySQL interface so you can connect to any of your favorite MySQL-compatible data tools directly.
  • SharedMergeTree table engine. Designed to work natively on top of shared storage, SharedMerge brings higher insert throughput, improved scalability of background merges, faster scale up-and-down operations, and more lightweight strong consistency for select queries.
  • Lightweight updates. Boosted by SharedMergeTree, “lightweight updates” benefit use cases where reference tables used in analytics need to be updated on a regular basis.
  • Query result cache. Speed up common queries with query result cache, now available to use in ClickHouse Cloud. … and more!
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