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Cloud Changelog

In addition to this ClickHouse Cloud changelog, please see the Cloud Compatibility page.

Dec 6, 2022 Release - General Availability

ClickHouse Cloud is now production-ready with SOC2 Type II compliance, uptime SLAs for production workloads, and public status page. This release includes major new capabilities like AWS Marketplace integration, SQL console - a data exploration workbench for ClickHouse users, and ClickHouse Academy - self-paced learning in ClickHouse Cloud.


Major new capabilities

  • Introduced SQL console, the data exploration workbench for ClickHouse users
  • Launched ClickHouse Academy, self-paced learning in ClickHouse Cloud

Pricing and metering changes

  • Extended trial to 30 days
  • Introduced fixed-capacity, low-monthly-spend Development Services, well-suited for starter projects and development/staging environments
  • Introduced new reduced pricing on Production Services, as we continue to improve how ClickHouse Cloud operates and scales
  • Improved granularity and fidelity when metering compute

Integrations changes

  • Enabled support for ClickHouse Postgres / MySQL integration engines
  • Advanced Kafka Connect sink to Beta status
  • Improved Integrations UI by introducing rich meta-data about versions, update status, and more

Console changes

  • Multi-factor authentication support in the cloud console
  • Improved cloud console navigation for mobile devices

Documentation changes

  • Introduced a dedicated documentation section for ClickHouse Cloud

Bug fixes

  • Addressed known issue where restore from backup did not always work due to dependency resolution

November 29, 2022

This release brings SOC2 Type II compliance, updates the ClickHouse version to 22.11, and improves a number of ClickHouse clients and integrations.

General changes

Console changes

  • Added an "Idle" status indicator to show that a service has been automatically paused

ClickHouse 22.11 version upgrade

  • Added support for Hudi and DeltaLake table engines and table functions
  • Improved recursive directory traversal for S3
  • Added support for composite time interval syntax
  • Improved insert reliability with retries on insert
  • See the detailed 22.11 changelog for the complete list of changes.


  • Python client: v3.11 support, improved insert performance
  • Go client: fix DateTime and Int64 support
  • JS client: support for mutual SSL authentication
  • dbt-clickhouse: support for DBT v1.3

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that showed an outdated ClickHouse version after an upgrade
  • Changing grants for the "default" account no longer interrupts sessions
  • Newly created non-admin accounts no longer have system table access by default

Known issues in this release

  • Restore from backup may not work due to dependency resolution

November 17, 2022

This release enables dictionaries from local ClickHouse table and HTTP sources, introduces support for the Mumbai region, and improves the cloud console user experience.

General changes

  • Added support for dictionaries from local ClickHouse table and HTTP sources
  • Introduced support for the Mumbai region

Console changes

  • Improved billing invoice formatting
  • Streamlined user interface for payment method capture
  • Added more granular activity logging for backups
  • Improved error handling during file upload

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to failing backups if there were single large files in some parts
  • Fixed a bug where restores from backup did not succeed if access list changes were applied at the same time

Known issues

  • Restore from backup may not work due to dependency resolution

November 3, 2022

This release removes read & write units from pricing (see the pricing page for details), updates the ClickHouse version to 22.10, adds support for higher vertical scaling for self-service customers, and improves reliability through better defaults.

General changes

  • Removed read/write units from the pricing model

Configuration changes

  • The settings allow_suspicious_low_cardinality_types, allow_suspicious_fixed_string_types and allow_suspicious_codecs (default is false) cannot be changed by users anymore for stability reasons.

Console changes

  • Increased the self-service maximum for vertical scaling to 720GB memory for paying customers
  • Improved the restore from backup workflow to set IP Access List rules and password
  • Introduced waitlists for GCP and Azure in the service creation dialog
  • Improved error handling during file upload
  • Improved workflows for billing administration

ClickHouse 22.10 version upgrade

  • Improved merges on top of object stores by relaxing the "too many parts" threshold in the presence of many large parts (at least 10 GiB). This enables up to petabytes of data in a single partition of a single table.
  • Improved control over merging with the min_age_to_force_merge_seconds setting, to merge after a certain time threshold.
  • Added MySQL-compatible syntax to reset settings SET setting_name = DEFAULT.
  • Added functions for Morton curve encoding, Java integer hashing, and random number generation.
  • See the detailed 22.10 changelog for the complete list of changes.

October 25, 2022

This release significantly lowers compute consumption for small workloads, lowers compute pricing (see pricing page for details), improves stability through better defaults, and enhances the Billing and Usage views in the ClickHouse Cloud console.

General changes

  • Reduced minimum service memory allocation to 24G
  • Reduced service idle timeout from 30 minutes to 5 minutes

Configuration changes

  • Reduced max_parts_in_total from 100k to 10k. The default value of the max_parts_in_total setting for MergeTree tables has been lowered from 100,000 to 10,000. The reason for this change is that we observed that a large number of data parts is likely to cause a slow startup time of services in the cloud. A large number of parts usually indicates a choice of too granular partition key, which is typically done accidentally and should be avoided. The change of default will allow the detection of these cases earlier.

Console changes

  • Enhanced credit usage details in the Billing view for trial users
  • Improved tooltips and help text, and added a link to the pricing page in the Usage view
  • Improved workflow when switching options for IP filtering
  • Added resend email confirmation button to the cloud console

October 4, 2022 - Beta

ClickHouse Cloud began its public Beta on October 4th, 2022. Learn more.

The ClickHouse Cloud version is based on ClickHouse core v22.10. For a list of compatible features, refer to the Cloud Compatibility guide.