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Service Types

There are several service types available in ClickHouse Cloud. This page discusses which service type is right for your specific use case. It is possible to have different services in your ClickHouse Cloud organization, each of which has its own specified service type.

Summary of service types:

Use caseSmall workloads, prototypesMedium-sized workloads, customer-facing applicationsApplications with strict latency and isolation requirements that need extensive customization
StorageUp to 1TBUnlimitedUnlimited
Memory16 GiB24GiB+Unlimited
ComputeBurstable CPUDedicated CPUCustom compute options
BackupsEvery 24h, retained for 1 dayEvery 24h, retained for 2 daysCustom backup retention
SLA and support24-hour response time1-hour response timeCustom SLAs, assigned lead support engineer


Development services are designed for smaller workloads and starter projects. They are the lowest-cost option in ClickHouse Cloud. Though at a lower price than our other service types, Development services are still designed for high reliability and are replicated across two availability zones.

Development services do not support autoscaling. Development services are best for internal projects and prototypes, and for developers just trying out ClickHouse.


Production services are designed for customer-facing applications and medium-sized workloads. They offer advanced features compared to Development services, including automatic scaling, AWS Private Link support, and S3 role-based access.

Production services automatically scale to handle workload and traffic variability. Production services are the most common service type for most startup and enterprise use cases.


Dedicated services are designed for enterprise workloads with strict isolation and latency requirements. They have highly customizable compute and memory configurations; these services are tailored exactly to your application’s needs.

Dedicated services are best for enterprises with workloads that support high-traffic customer-facing applications or that serve mission-critical internal usage.

If you have any questions about service types, please see the pricing page or contact [email protected].