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ClickHouse Cloud Expands Choice With Launch on Google Cloud Platform

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Nick Peart
Jun 20, 2023

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)- -ClickHouse Inc., creator of the popular open-source columnar database designed for real-time analytics, today announces the general availability (GA) of ClickHouse Cloud on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The GA offers support across Asia, the European Union and the United States, and follows the December 2022 debut of ClickHouse Cloud on AWS.

“This is part of our commitment to offer developers increased freedom and flexibility to get started and deploy services within their cloud provider of choice,” says Aaron Katz, Co-founder and CEO of ClickHouse, Inc. “Largely due to efficiency and performance, companies of all sizes across all industries are turning to ClickHouse to gain valuable insights from their data and provide real-time analytics to their customers across a variety of use cases.”

"I am excited to see Google Cloud partner with popular open-source technologies such as ClickHouse," said Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow and SVP, Google Research and AI.

“Building an AI-powered DevSecOps platform at GitLab requires answering customers’ questions involving billions of data points,” said Sam Goldstein, Director of Engineering at GitLab. “ClickHouse has become a key part of our data strategy enabling us to add real-time, analytical and observability capabilities that scale to our customers' needs. In addition, ClickHouse Cloud expanding to Google Cloud lets us spend our iterations on customer-facing improvements and less time on managing our own high-scale ClickHouse clusters.”

ClickHouse is a fast and powerful database that makes the most efficient use of resources to deliver robust, secure and scalable performance that adapts to any workload. As a database fine-tuned for real time analytics, it turns data into insights in milliseconds, whether it's a SaaS service for analyzing user behavior or an internet of things platform looking at warehouse sensor data for uptime and downtime trends. ClickHouse Cloud launched in December 2022 to provide a serverless, fully managed, turnkey platform for real-time analytics built on top of ClickHouse.

With transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing, ClickHouse Cloud users can get started on GCP with a few clicks. Backed by a robust serverless architecture, ClickHouse Cloud dynamically scales based on project needs and eliminates the operational overhead of having to self-manage, over-provision or pay for unused capacity.

“Vimeo, the world's most innovative video platform, offers robust observability and video analytics that Clickhouse has been instrumental in bolstering,” says Naren Venkataraman, Chief Technology Officer at Vimeo. “ClickHouse Cloud on Google Cloud Platform aligns perfectly with Vimeo's established partnership with Google Cloud, offering improved performance and scalability. This integration empowers Vimeo's team to expedite innovation cycles and drastically improve service quality for their customers.”

ClickHouse Cloud’s GA on GCP also makes it easier for users to combine the power of ClickHouse with Google BigQuery, a serverless cloud data warehouse. Deploying the two alongside one another can speed up queries that power customer-facing applications and internal analytics.

Below are additional benefits of today’s launch on GCP:

  • Simplicity. A ClickHouse Cloud user can log in and launch a new service with a few clicks, and start analyzing their own data in under five minutes. They don't have to worry about the operational complexity of server configurations and cluster topology, shards and replicas, managing backups and restore, durability and fault-tolerance, monitoring, or alerts. Further, a SQL Console makes it easy to do things like explore databases and tables, run and save queries, create charts and even share queries with team members to collaborate more effectively.
  • Speed and Scale. ClickHouse Cloud is designed to handle petabyte-scale datasets. There is no need for manual sharding or manual data movement as it scales automatically. Its multi-layer cache and other cloud-native performance optimizations ensure impressive query performance for a wide variety of workloads.
  • Security and Reliability. ClickHouse Cloud has security best practices built in by default. It is configured with network isolation and traffic encryption. ClickHouse builds are additionally hardened, tested, and validated for ClickHouse Cloud. The service is automatically replicated across multiple availability zones and tolerates outages of any AZ in a region.
  • Efficiency. ClickHouse Cloud adapts itself to the workload requirements at hand, scaling up the resources consumed when needed and scaling down when they are not. ClickHouse Cloud also takes advantage of common object storage as its primary storage while separating compute. This dramatically increases resource flexibility and efficiency, resulting in the industry's best price/performance ratio.
  • Ecosystem. Easy-to-use integrations allow users to seamlessly ingest data and interface with both internal and external systems. They provide a curated set of core and partner integrations vetted to work seamlessly with ClickHouse Cloud in addition to hundreds of community-built integrations.
  • Simple, transparent pricing users pay only for the resources they use without the need to over-provision for peak workloads.

The news follows on a year of robust growth for ClickHouse Inc., including a $250M Series B funding round that brought together a number of leading venture capital firms like Coatue, Altimeter, Index Ventures, Benchmark, Thrive Capital, Lightspeed and Redpoint.

ClickHouse Cloud offers a 30-day trial that includes $300 free usage credits. To get started, sign up here.

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ClickHouse is the world's fastest and most resource-efficient online analytical column-oriented database management system. Now offered as a secure and scalable serverless offering in the cloud, ClickHouse Cloud allows anyone to effortlessly take advantage of efficient real-time analytical processing.

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