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ClickHouse Cloud on GCP Available in Public Beta

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Krithika Balagurunathan
May 11, 2023

ClickHouse Cloud is now available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in public Beta.

ClickHouse Cloud was launched on December 6, 2022, enabling ClickHouse users to build real-time applications without the devops overhead of a self-managed installation.

TL;DR - Get started now by launching a GCP service in minutes.

One of the key benefits of ClickHouse Cloud is the simplicity of getting started. With just a few clicks, you can set up a service, and autoscale automatically based on your workload's needs, so you never have to overprovision or pay for unused capacity. We have already seen a number of ClickHouse users using ClickHouse as a ‘speed layer’ atop BigQuery. This announcement allows these users to keep their data resident in a single cloud provider.

Depending on your needs, you can select from two different options:

  • Development: Best suited for small workloads
    • Storage: Up to 1 TB
    • Memory: 16 GiB
  • Production: Designed for production environments and workloads that need additional storage and memory
    • Storage: Unlimited
    • Memory: 24 GiB+ total memory

Feature Highlights

ClickHouse Cloud on GCP offers the following features:

  • Google Cloud Storage integration: Out-of-the-box integration to move from cloud storage to ClickHouse Cloud. And several other integrations for you to build end-to-end solutions, see more information here.
  • End-to-end encryption: At ClickHouse, security is a top priority, and the service offers encryption on the wire with TLS and data-at-rest encryption with Google Cloud Storage encryption.
  • Endpoint security: The IP Access List feature offers the ability to secure endpoints so only select IPs can access data.
  • Built in SQL Console for data exploration and visualization:
    • Seamlessly and securely connect to your database
    • Explore and query your data instantly
    • Build rich visualizations from your query results in 2-3 clicks
    • Collaborate with your team using shared queries

It takes just a few minutes to set up your new service in GCP and get going. See the steps below:

Getting Started With GCP Beta

Stay tuned for the GA announcement. We have a few additional things in the works, including:

  • Disaster Recovery: Default daily backups for both Development and Production instances.
  • Subscription via the Google Cloud Marketplace: For users that want to integrate their billing through Google Cloud.
  • Private Service Connect: Advanced protection of your data on the wire by using Google Cloud’s private network.
  • Service Level Agreements: For users that sign up for committed spend contracts.
  • Compliance Certification: SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001.

Get Started

To get started, sign up here. ClickHouse Cloud offers users a 30-day trial with $300 in usage credits. The service is available in three major geographies:

  • AMER: Iowa - us-central1
  • EMEA: Netherlands - europe-west4
  • APAC: Singapore - asia-southeast1

If you choose to continue using the service at the end of the trial, you can add a credit card to continue on a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, or reach out to us for volume-based discounts as a part of our Enterprise package.

To learn more, contact us or visit our pricing page for more detail.

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