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ClickHouse Virtual Meetup with Opensee

Multiple speakers

We can't wait for the opportunity to see you all in person, in the meantime, join us for this virtual meetup co-hosted by our friends at Opensee who will present about how their product, powered by ClickHouse, allows financial institutions’ business users to directly harness their vast quantities of data instantly and on demand, with no size limitations.

Alexey Milovidov from ClickHouse will then share some details of ClickHouse internals that you won’t want to miss. We will be updating the invite with detail in the near future.

Guillaume Coffin, Opensee - 20 mins
Guillaume Aubert, Opensee - 20 mins
Q&A for Opensee - 5 mins
Alexey Milovidov, ClickHouse - 35 mins
Q&A for ClickHouse - 5 mins

Speaker Bios:
Guillaume Aubert, Chief Product Officer - Former head of quant and solution consulting for the financial service provider Misys, and co-founder of Orchestrade Financial Systems, Guillaume has more than 15 years experience in financial technology. He likes to share every day his skills in trading and risk systems, quantitative finance and big data technology to provide Opensee’s users with the most performant product.

Guillaume Coffin, VP of Engineering - Guillaume’s 24 year career started as a software developer, he then held various positions at Schlumberger, eventually leading the oilfield digitalisation program. He then moved to Criteo to lead big data projects, and started the Data Governance program to rein in the data of one of the largest Hadoop clusters in Europe.

Alexey Milovidov, CTO & Co-Founder: Alexey Milovidov is the original creator, co-founder and CTO of ClickHouse. He started work on ClickHouse in 2009 and initiated its release to open-source in 2016.

Building For Fast - ClickHouse
ClickHouse is known for being fast. Fast at ingesting data. Fast querying data. But how do we achieve this? Is a slower release a major regression? Or just something to be concerned about? How does the ClickHouse engineering team think about performance?

In this talk, Alexey will share a bit of the 'internals' of ClickHouse. How we engineer for performance, why we ask for external benchmarks, performance testing in CI pipeline, etc.

To build a fast database, you need a vision, a team, and process. We will discuss all 3 of these.

Any questions, or interested in speaking at, or hosting, a future meetup? Please contact Tyler Hannan: [email protected]

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