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ClickHouse Virtual Meetup (with Gigasheet)

Join us for this virtual meetup co-hosted by our friends at Gigasheet who will present about their mission to ‘help mere mortals get answers from big data.’ Built on ClickHouse, Gigasheet gives you an installation/infrastructure free way of simply uploading JSON, CSV, etc and analysing.

Geoff Genz, Support Engineer, from ClickHouse will then share a story of implementing ClickHouse in a prior company. The good. The bad. The learnings. A detailed abstract will be coming soon…but this talk is one you won’t want to miss.

Agenda: (all times Eastern)
2:00 pm Welcome - 5 mins
2:05 pm Gigasheet by Jason Hines, Gigasheet - 30 mins
2:35 pm Q&A for Gigasheet - 5 mins
2:40 pm ClickHouse Learnings by Geoff Genz, ClickHouse - 30 mins
3:10 pm Q&A for ClickHouse - 5 mins
3:15 pm Ending

Gigasheet - Big Data Analytics for anyone who can use a spreadsheet. Despite the rise and growing popularity of enterprise big data analytics platforms, everyday users who are less technical and still resort to flexible, commonly available applications like Microsoft Excel for quick data analysis and triage. Unfortunately spreadsheets don't scale to today's needs. Gigasheet brings a more powerful, user-friendly big data application built on Clickhouse. In just a few months the platform has grown to thousands of users who are applying to a variety of interesting and unexpected analyses.

Jason Hines - Jason is CEO and co-founder of Gigasheet. He’s passionate about building straightforward analytic solutions to complex problems. Previously, he was CRO at security intelligence firm Recorded Future, where he was responsible for building sales and technical solutions for more than a decade. He was Recorded Future’s first US-based employee in 2009, and ten years later the company was acquired for $780M. Prior to Recorded Future, Jason was a Principle Technology Specialist and Account Executive at Google where he contributed to growing a billion-dollar Google Cloud business. Earlier, he was a Systems Engineer at Spotfire, a BI data visualization startup which was acquired by Tibco for $195M. Jason started his career as a software engineer in defense and national security. He also founded an online t-shirt company that sold more than 30,000 original funny shirts. Today Jason resides in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two poorly behaved children.

Any questions, or interested in speaking at, or hosting, a future meetup? Please contact Tyler Hannan: [email protected]

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