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ClickHouse Meetup Munich - July 2022

We are very excited to be holding our next in-person ClickHouse meetup at the Metoda office in Munich!

Metoda provides real-time market data, insights, and automation focussed on e-commerce. They will share why they chose ClickHouse for their solution as well as an architectural overview. The ClickHouse engineering team will present their latest developments and are available for plenty of questions.

Please join us for an evening of talks, food and discussion.

See you there!


Doors Open - Networking & Snacks
"Metoda's journey into ClickHouse”, Milovan Zogovic (Metoda) - 25 mins
Lightning talk: "My journey as a ClickHouse beginner", Tsvetan Stoychev (Akamai) - 15 mins
Lightning talk: "ClickHouse Performance Optimizations", Maksim Kita (ClickHouse) - 15 mins
“ClickHouse Engineering Update”, Alexey Milovidov (ClickHouse) - 40 mins
Food, Drinks & Conversation

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