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  • Within Deepnote, select the Integrations overview and click on the ClickHouse tile.

  • Provide the connection details for your ClickHouse Cloud service:

    • Hostname - The hostname of your ClickHouse service.
    • Port - The HTTPS port of your ClickHouse service.
    • Username - Your ClickHouse username (we recommend the creation of a dedicated read-only database user for this purpose).
    • Password - Your ClickHouse password.
    • Database - The name of the database you would like to connect to.
  • NOTE: Make sure to allow Deepnote's IP addresses to access your ClickHouse Service (Deepnote IP Addresses)

  • Congratulations! You have now integrated ClickHouse into Deepnote.

Interactive example

If you would like to explore an interactive example of querying ClickHouse from Deepnote data notebooks, click the button below to launch a templated project connected to the ClickHouse Playground.

Launch in Deepnote

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