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Driving Sustainable Data Management with ClickHouse: Introducing Stash by Modeo

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Elissa Weve
Jun 27, 2023

Balancing the increasing data volumes with the need to minimize environmental impact has always been a complex challenge in data engineering. However, Modeo, a pioneering French data engineering firm, has managed to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Recognized for its robust data engineering infrastructures, Modeo's services are trusted by industry leaders such as L'Oréal, Silvr, and ManoMano. Their latest solution, Stash, leverages the power of ClickHouse for its scalability and storage efficiency, to deliver sustainable data management.

Modeo's challenge was to manage growing data volumes while accurately measuring the real-time carbon emissions generated by data usage and storage. As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative focusing on climate change, Modeo's CTO, Ismael Goulani, expressed the need for a solution that would allow their customers to monitor and optimize their data platform's cost, carbon footprint, and usage.

Introducing Stash, Powered by ClickHouse

Modeo introduces Stash, a solution designed to synchronize metadata and logs from customers' data platforms into ClickHouse. Known for its low latency, high throughput, and efficient storage capabilities, ClickHouse empowers Stash to deliver an unparalleled service. “We believe that with more data-driven businesses, there will be an exponential growth in data consumers. Stash helps our customers manage this growth sustainably by providing insights into their data usage and cost, ultimately leading to better business outcomes and data adoption,” explains Goulani.

Stash_dashboard.png This screenshot displays the count of user activities on the platform. 'Activities' encompass various interactions such as running queries or opening dashboards. This monitoring allows users to track their usage patterns, the associated costs, and the resulting carbon footprint over time.

Stash Architecture

Stash is integrated with ClickHouse Cloud. All logs and metadata are loaded first into object storage (Google cloud storage). It is then loaded and compressed into ClickHouse for efficient storage.

Stash_arch_1.png Stash_arch_2.png

Why ClickHouse? The Ideal Data Warehouse Solution

Modeo needed a system that could quickly retrieve data and store it efficiently. ClickHouse fits the bill with its unique structure that allows for fast data access and excellent data compression for efficient storage. These key features made ClickHouse the top choice for Modeo's demanding requirements.

When asked why Modeo selected ClickHouse for Stash, Goulani said, "We evaluated several data warehouse solutions for scalability, real-time analytics, and customer satisfaction. ClickHouse outperformed the competition on all these parameters."

Goulani further emphasized, "ClickHouse's high scalability, its ability to handle massive volumes of data, and its efficient storage make it an ideal solution for us. Our customers particularly appreciate the low latency and real-time analytics capabilities that ClickHouse provides."

In addition to these benefits, ClickHouse shines in other aspects that were essential to their selection process. Its cost-efficiency is a major advantage, allowing Modeo to maintain a robust data warehouse solution without inflating their operational expenses. It also offers comprehensive SQL support, which enables seamless integration with existing tools and facilitates easy manipulation of data for their developers. Furthermore, its intuitive design and user-friendly interface contribute significantly to ease of use, reducing the learning curve for new team members and fostering efficient workflows. With ClickHouse, Modeo found a solution that not only meets their immediate needs but also offers adaptability for future demands.

Seeing Results: Cost Reduction and Improved Data Adoption

The implementation of ClickHouse has brought significant benefits for Modeo. "We’ve seen a significant reduction in costs, improved data adoption, and enhanced business outcomes for our customers since introducing ClickHouse," Goulani reports. "We're in the process of rolling out Stash as a beta, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more impact data as more customers start using it."

ClickHouse for Sustainable and Efficient Data Management

ClickHouse has transformed data management for Modeo. As Goulani concludes, "With ClickHouse, we're not just managing data; we're doing so sustainably and efficiently, which leads to better business outcomes and data adoption."

As the demand for data and access monitoring surges across industries, Modeo plans to maximize ClickHouse's capabilities through their Stash platform. A key focus lies in leveraging its real-time processing power for a range of emerging applications, particularly in security. With ClickHouse, Modeo can build sophisticated systems that promptly detect unauthorized data assets access (like tables, databases, etc), enhancing the platform's defense mechanisms and fostering customer trust. This integration positions Modeo to augment its services, delivering an increasingly secure and user-friendly platform.

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