ClickHouse Meetup in Beijing on June 8, 2019



24th ClickHouse Meetup globally and 3rd one in China took place in Beijing on Dragon Boat Festival weekend, which appeared to have a rich history and be a popular opportunity for Chinese people to travel around the country. Nevertheless the ClickHouse Meetup venue was more than full as usual, this time kindly provided by Gaea Mobile, with hundreds more people watching live broadcast online. ClickHouse team have extensively used this trip as an opportunity to strengthen the bond with ClickHouse Community in China by also giving an open lecture in Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science and by having a private conversations with the most active local corporate users including ByteDance and

Welcome word by William Kwok, CTO of Analysys, who played the key role in making this event in particular possible and also in establishment of ClickHouse Community in China:

He’s also administering ClickHouse WeChat groups, feel free to ask him for invite (@guodaxia2999 at WeChat):

Alexey Milovidov from ClickHouse core developers team at Yandex got the content part of main event part started with overview of new features and roadmap overview:

Amos Bird, one of the most active ClickHouse contributors either in China and worldwide, shares his experience of using ClickHouse for graph processing (slides):

Yan Gangqiang from Golden Data shares details of their approach to data storage for surveys system based on ClickHouse (slides):

ClickHouse for beginners talk by Percent (slides):

ClickHouse core developer Nikolay Kochetov demonstrates upcoming query execution pipeline changes (slides):

Pre-meetup meeting with active ClickHouse community members in China:

ClickHouse branded Beijing duck 🙂

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