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ClickHouse Community Meetup in Beijing on October 28, 2018

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Nov 12, 2018

Interest in ClickHouse among Chinese experts is growing rapidly. It was second ClickHouse Meetup in Beijing this year and the venue was more than full, it could fit only about 170 people out of 500 who signed up and around 2000 more joined the live translation online. Many Chinese companies have already adopted ClickHouse in production and are willing to share their experience.

See the video recording of all talks and all slides.

Welcome word by William Kwok (郭炜), CTO of Analysys, who played a key role in organizing this event: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-1.jpeg

Nikolay Kochetov from Yandex demonstrating recent advancements in string processing optimization using LowCardinality feature: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-2.jpeg

Shang Shujie (尚书杰) from Kuaishou gives an overview of ClickHouse and it's usage scenarios: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-3.jpeg

Winter Zhang (张健) from QingCloud explains their services based on ClickHouse: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-4.jpeg

Audience listening to Zhang's talk: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-5.jpeg

Li Junfei (李俊飞) from Tencent explains how ClickHouse fits their data processing infrastructure: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-6.jpeg

Questions&Answers session: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-7.jpeg

Jack Gao (高鹏) from Sina explains their ClickHouse use case and gives some advice based on their extensive experience with ClickHouse: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-8.jpeg

Chinese developers are also one of the most active worldwide in contributing to ClickHouse source code compared to other countries. Chinese ClickHouse Contributors Awards 2018 ceremony was also part of the meetup agenda with the following:

  1. 张建 (Winter Zhang, zhang2014) received First Place among independent ClickHouse developers in China for 2018, having developed 22 new features, improvements, and fixes in 57 pull requests.
  2. Amos Bird received Second Place among independent ClickHouse developers in China for 2018, having developed 16 new features, improvements, and fixes in 42 pull requests.
  3. 李本旺 (sundy-li) received Third Place among independent ClickHouse developers in China for 2018, having developed 6 new features, improvements, and fixes in 11 pull requests.

A special award went to William Kwok (郭炜) for his active role in developing the Chinese ClickHouse Community.

Sundy Li (李本旺) receives ClickHouse Contributor Award from Alexey Milovidov: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-9.jpeg

William Kwok (郭炜) receives special award for organizing Chinese ClickHouse community and meetups: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-10.jpeg

Pre-meetup at the Analysys office: 2018-october-community-meetup-beijing-11.jpeg

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