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ML & GenAI
business intelligence
financial services
fraud & cybersecurity

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Sony, Lyft, Cisco, GitLab, Twilio and many more choose ClickHouse Cloud for its scale, efficiency, and ease of use.
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“ClickHouse helps us efficiently and reliably analyze logs across trillions of Internet requests to identify malicious traffic and provide customers with rich analytics.” Read blog

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“We needed something to slice and dice real-time data, like rides and driver hours across cities and regions where Lyft runs. Using ClickHouse resulted into a lot of performance benefits for us with huge cost savings for the org.” Read blog

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“In the post-evaluation of each database against our criteria (with metrics ranging from query performance to cost), ClickHouse emerged as the unrivalled frontrunner. It excelled across the board, even astonishingly so in certain domains, and proved more cost-efficient.” Read blog

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Why ClickHouse?

ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource efficient real-time data warehouse and open-source database.

Blazing fast

Ultimate query performance that your mission-critical and time-sensitive applications can depend on.

Developer friendly

Built to ensure that even the most sophisticated data analysis can be done intuitively, using simple SQL.

Cost effective

Best-in-class compression ratios that reduce storage and accelerate performance.
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Seamlessly integrate with your stack

Choose from our growing ecosystem of integrations for data ingestion, visualization, language clients, and more.
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Why is ClickHouse so fast?

Column-oriented databases are better suited to OLAP scenarios. They are at least 100x faster in processing most queries. ClickHouse uses all available system resources to their full potential to process each analytical query as fast as possible.
Row-oriented databases
In row-oriented databases, data is stored in rows, with all the values related to a row physically stored next to each other.
Column-oriented databases
In column-oriented databases, like ClickHouse, data is stored in columns, with values from the same columns stored together.

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