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Saving million+ dollars with ClickHouse: Zomato's Logging Platform Journey

Anmol Virmani & Palash Goel Data Platform Engineers, Zomato

Anmol Virmani and Palash Goel discuss how Zomato has leveraged ClickHouse to optimize their logging platform, resulting in significant cost savings and improved performance. More from this blog: Building a cost-effective logging platform using ClickHouse for petabyte scale.

Anmol Virmani is a software techie who thrives on tackling big challenges with a touch of fun. His expertise lies in solving complex problems with creative solutions, maintaining an enjoyable journey throughout.

Palash Goel is a Software Engineer with a keen interest in big data technologies and distributed systems. He is passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology to better harness data's potential.

This presentation was given at the ClickHouse Bangalore Meetup on May 4.

The audio quality is not optimal due to the meetup venue in-house microphone system.

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