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How ClickHouse does the heavy lifting in Incerto’s Observability stack

Shiva Pundir & Anurag Pandey Co-Founders, Incerto Technologies

In this talk, Shiva Pundir and Anurag Pandey explore Incerto's custom observability stack that is built on top of three Open Source tools (OpenTelemetry + Clickhouse + Grafana). Both Incerto founders look at a real-life example involving a brokerage firm that's currently using this system to handle a massive 40TB monthly data consisting of metrics, traces and logs. They also talk about its effective handling capabilities, esp w.r.t Clickhouse as the database. They look into the problems encountered, what they tried to solve them, and what they've learned along the way.

Shiva Pundir and Anurag Pandey are co-Founders of Incerto Technologies; and they both love to build stuff.

This presentation was given at the ClickHouse Bangalore Meetup on May 4.

The audio quality is not optimal due to the meetup venue in-house microphone system.

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