Getting Started with ClickHouse

ClickHouse Events

Learn about ClickHouse from scratch with this 25-minute video. What is it, what are the use cases, key advantages and features – and how do you use it. See a demo of ClickHouse in action. No experience required.


0:08 What is ClickHouse?
2:03 Key Features
3:47 What is it used for?
5:24 Creating tables
6:47 Inserting directly
7:23 Inserting from external sources
7:37 Reading data
8:26 Views
9:34 Deployment
10:20 Architecture
10:47 Ecosystem and Integrations
11:58 Demo
Demo – ClickHouse SQL Basics
Demo – Loading Parquet files from S3 into ClickHouse
Demo – Using ClickHouse with DBeaver
Demo – Ingesting JSON into ClickHouse
Demo – Visualizing data with Grafana

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Christoph Wurm

Solution Architect