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ClickHouse Cloud is now generally available on Microsoft Azure

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ClickHouse Team
Jun 25, 2024

[San Francisco, 25-June-2024]—ClickHouse Inc, a leader in real-time analytics, announces the expansion of ClickHouse Cloud to Microsoft Azure, providing users with even more options for deploying and managing their analytics workloads. With this expansion, ClickHouse Cloud is now available on three major cloud service providers.

To read more about our technical journey, read the post titled Building ClickHouse Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

As organizations increasingly adopt real-time analytics databases in their interactive, data-driven customer-facing applications, as well as in their internal data warehousing and data science workflows, ClickHouse Cloud availability on Azure offers customers greater flexibility and choice. Availability of ClickHouse Cloud in Azure Marketplace allows users to use existing Azure investments and take advantage of integrations with Azure-specific services including Microsoft Power BI and Azure Event Hubs.

“Companies of all sizes trust ClickHouse to gain valuable insights from their data, across a wide variety of use cases,” says Aaron Katz, Co-founder and CEO of ClickHouse, Inc. “This announcement reiterates our vision to bring the best real-time data warehouse to our users regardless of which cloud provider they use.”

“With ClickHouse Cloud generally available on Microsoft Azure, enterprise and digital-native companies alike can take advantage of its breadth of use cases on one of the most open and flexible cloud platforms,” said Erin Chapple, corporate vice president, Azure Core Products and Design at Microsoft. “Mutual customers and partners can now benefit from real-time analytics and business intelligence solutions to gain valuable insights from their data in new ways.”

Public Beta for ClickHouse Cloud on Azure was announced at Microsoft Build in May 2024 and is seeing strong adoption across organizations looking to build real-time analytical applications on top of Azure.

"We are thrilled about the launch of ClickHouse Cloud on Microsoft Azure," said Julian LaNeve, Chief Technology Officer at Astronomer. "Our data platform handles massive volumes of real-time events, and ClickHouse has been instrumental in delivering lightning-fast analytics. With ClickHouse Cloud on Azure, we can deploy and scale effortlessly on Azure's reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure."

“At BaxEnergy, our mission is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable, and secure," said Marco Cecconi, Head of R&D of BaxEnergy. “ClickHouse Cloud on Microsoft Azure supports us in conducting advanced analysis on large volumes of data from various renewable energy sources. By generating actionable insights, creating detailed reports, and developing custom dashboards, we empower our customers to achieve better performance and scale their operations effectively. We have been pleasantly surprised by the remarkable speed and flexibility of ClickHouse, and their team has provided us with exceptional dedicated support.”

Some additional benefits of using ClickHouse Cloud on Azure include:

Simplicity. With ClickHouse Cloud, you create your service with a single click. You don't have to worry about the operational complexity of server configurations and cluster topology, shards and replicas, managing backups and restores, durability and fault tolerance, monitoring, or alerts. It just works.

Speed and Scale. ClickHouse Cloud is designed to handle real-time analytics on top of petabyte-scale datasets. There is no need for manual sharding or data movement, as it scales automatically. Our multi-layer cache and other cloud-native performance optimizations ensure impressive query performance for a wide variety of workloads.

Security and Reliability. ClickHouse Cloud has security best practices built in by default. It is configured with network isolation and traffic encryption. ClickHouse builds are additionally hardened, tested, and validated for ClickHouse Cloud. The service is automatically replicated across multiple availability zones for high availability.

Efficiency. ClickHouse Cloud adapts itself to the changing nature of your workloads, scaling up and down as needed. ClickHouse Cloud also takes advantage of shared object storage as its primary storage, while separating compute resources. This dramatically increases flexibility and resource efficiency, delivering industry's best price/performance ratio.

Ecosystem. Easy-to-use integrations allow users to seamlessly ingest data and interface with internal and external systems. A curated set of core and partner integrations vetted to work seamlessly with ClickHouse Cloud are provided in addition to hundreds of community-built integrations. Within the Azure ecosystem, ClickHouse Cloud features turnkey integrations with Azure Event Hubs, Power BI, and Azure Blob Storage.

ClickHouse Cloud offers a 30-day trial that includes $300 free usage credits. To get started, sign up here or subscribe from Azure Marketplace.

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