ClickHouse Meetup in San Francisco on June 4, 2019



23th ClickHouse Meetup in San Francisco was held in CloudFlare office and co-organized by Altinity. There were about 35 attendees, most of them are experienced ClickHouse users from SF and Bay Area. The meetup started with an introduction by Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO and continued with a lightning talk by Alan Braithwaite from about their experience with ClickHouse. Next talk from Alexander Zaitsev about ClickHouse operator for Kubernetes gained much attention from the audience because Kubernetes is in fact very popular even for databases. At the end there was a presentation from the ClickHouse developer Alexey Milovidov about new and upcoming features with a roadmap. There was a discussion about the details of implementation and design of the most appreciated features. We were happy to meet with ClickHouse contributors at the meetup. Slides from the event are available on GitHub.

As we see increasing demand for ClickHouse events in SF and Bay Area, we have already started planning the next event.

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