ClickHouse at Percona Live 2017



For those who haven’t heard, Percona Live is probably one of the largest international conferences about opensource database management systems, having 12 talk tracks in parallel. It’s been around for many years and initially, it was focused mainly on MySQL (and had that in its name), but nowadays it is more generic and other products of this category get lots of attention too. Needless to say that for a relatively new player on the market like ClickHouse, it’s been a great opportunity to spread the word about the technology and how exactly it allows us to perform analytics on petabytes of data in real-time.

Yandex team members had three chances to talk about ClickHouse from the stage:

  1. A large portion of Opening Keynote has been dedicated to different time-series databases. ClickHouse is not really a specialized time-series database but still outperforms many alternatives if used as such. So Dmitry Andreev, Head of Yandex.Market Infrastructure Development Group, had a short talk about how ClickHouse can be used a as storage backend for Graphite using Graphouse, an open-source adapter that implements this. This setup is used in Yandex.Market and number of other Yandex services and have proven to be very reliable and effective. Chain of short talks has been followed by a live panel about time series in general with the same speakers including Dmitry. Unfortunately, as we figured out later, many keynote attendees perceived ClickHouse as just yet another time-series database and missed the explicitly said part that it opens up way more opportunities to analyze data.
  2. Victor Tarnavsky, Head of Yandex.Metrica, and Alexey Milovidov, Head of ClickHouse Development Group, gave a full-length talk about ClickHouse overview, capabilities, features and use cases. Their video has not been recorded, but you can check out the slides.
  3. Later on, Dmitry Andreev went deeper on the same topic he covered on an opening keynote. He spoke in more detail about how Graphouse works, shown the benchmark results and future plans of the project. Also, only slides are available.

Besides, ClickHouse has been represented in the exhibition accompanying the conference. Altinity, the private company independent from Yandex that provides consulting and support services for ClickHouse, organized the booth and invited Yandex team members to join them to talk about ClickHouse with conference attendees which appeared to be quite productive.

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