Amsterdam Meetup With The ClickHouse Team – June 8th, 2022



tl;dr – Join us virtually or June 8th in Amsterdam – Watch Recording!

Following the success of our day of virtual meetups, we’ve decided it is time to meet again…in person.

A significant portion of the ClickHouse team will be in Amsterdam. So we decided to take the opportunity to get together, talk tech, and share some food. Please register now so that we can ensure sufficient space and food. It’s not just an opportunity to network, though. You will hear stories of ClickHouse powering a performance & monitoring service and a detailed exploration of how, and why, ClickHouse is so fast.

We’ve identified a venue…
We’ve found speakers…
Our founding team will be in town…

All that is missing is you!

Why a Meetup?

ClickHouse, as an open-source company, is rooted deeply in the importance of community. The opportunity to interact with our users, in physical space, is core to the identity of our team.

In addition, our history (as a company and individuals) is built on the power of conversation. Some of the stories we share, and memories we cherish, involve a small venue, lightning talks, and conversations that last until security reminds us that the booking period is over.

Our community matters. Our interaction with our community is core to who we are and who we aspire to be.


The current agenda is as follows:

17:45 Doors Open – Networking & Snacks
18:00 Welcome
18:05 Lorenzo Mangani, QXIP BV – 45 mins
18:50 Lightning Talks! (Will it be you???)
19:00 Coffee Break
19:15 Alexey Milovidov, ClickHouse – 45 mins
20:00 Beverages, Food, and Conversation

We will be gathering at the beautiful, and unique, Night venue in Venture Studio at the Startup Village. A big thanks to the team there and Rabobank for hosting us.

If you have an idea for a Lightning Talk please let us know ([email protected]). We are finalizing them as we speak.

Speaker Bios:

Lorenzo Mangani – CEO of Amsterdam based QXIP BV, Co-Founder of Uptrace & cLoki, directing a dream team specialized in active and passive large scale monitoring and ingestion of Traces, Logs, Packets and Metrics on top of ClickHouse
Alexey Milovidov, CTO & Co-Founder ClickHouse: Alexey Milovidov is the original creator, co-founder and CTO of ClickHouse. He started work on ClickHouse in 2009 and initiated its release to open-source in 2016.

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