ClickHouse Certified Developer Exam

Elevate your career to industry-leading heights! Take our official ClickHouse Certification exam to validate your ClickHouse expertise.

There is no required prerequisite for attempting this exam, but we highly recommend taking the ClickHouse Developer training course - available either On-demand or Instructor-led, which covers all the exam objectives listed below.

Recommended for ClickHouse experts who handle app creation, data ingestion, modeling, query efficiency, and optimization.
Performance-based, hands-on exam
2h to complete the exam
$200 per attempt

Exam objectives

To be fully prepared to pass the ClickHouse Certified Developer exam, candidates should be able to successfully complete the following tasks on a ClickHouse service, given access to the ClickHouse documentation, and using either the clickhouse-client or the ClickHouse SQL Console.

Modeling Data

  • Create a new database
  • Create a new table that satisfies a given criteria or matches a given file format
  • Choose efficient data types for columns when appropriate
  • Define an efficient primary key given a specific criteria of the types of queries that will be executed on a MergeTree table
  • Define and query a Dictionary

Inserting Data

  • Insert a local file into a table
  • Insert a file from cloud storage into a table
  • Insert a Parqet, CSV, or TSV file into a table
  • Provide minor transformations to columns as they are being inserted
  • Insert data from one table into another

Analyzing Data

  • Write a query that satisfies a given criteria
  • Write a query that uses regular functions. For example, searches for substrings within a String column, or converts a timestamp to the beginning of a time interval
  • Write a query that uses aggregate functions. For example, find the max/min/sum/avg of a column, or the number of unique values, or a given quantile
  • Use a GROUP BY to compute buckets of aggregated values given a specified timeframe or grouping criteria

Optimizing Query Performance

  • Define a materialized view that stores the result of a non-aggregation query
  • Define a materialized view that stores the result of an aggregate function using the AggregatingMergeTree or SummingMergeTree table engines
  • Define a projection on a table
  • Define a set or minmax skipping index on a table

Deduplication and Mutations

  • Perform a lightweight delete operation on a table
  • Implement an efficient upsert strategy using the ReplacingMergeTree table engine
  • Implement an efficient strategy for performing frequent updates using the CollapsingMergeTree table engine
ClickHouse Certified Developer

To become a ClickHouse Certified Developer, you will need to pass our hands-on, performance-based exam. The exam involves completing a series of real-world tasks on ClickHouse clusters in a supervised environment.

Those who successfully complete the Exam will receive a unique ClickHouse Certified Developer digital badge to share on their social media or present to their management.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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