ClickHouse Cloud

ClickHouse as a Service, built by the creators of the fastest OLAP database on Earth

We Are Building a Serverless Hosted ClickHouse Offering

  • Cloud-agnostic
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • Automatic scaling
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Turnkey data migration services
  • World-class security and privacy guarantees

Reduce total cost of ownership and let us take the worry out of operating ClickHouse, at any scale.

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Why ClickHouse


ClickHouse supports best in the industry query performance, while significantly reducing storage requirements through our innovative use of columnar storage and compression.


Battle tested in production, with linear horizontal scalability from single-server deployments to clusters with many thousands of nodes.


ClickHouse deployments feature best in class availability. There are no single points of failure, with the architecture supporting multi-master replication, performing effectively in multi-region configurations.


ClickHouse comes with enterprise grade security features and fail-safe mechanisms protecting against data corruption from application bugs and human errors.

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