How to Test Your Hardware with ClickHouse 

You can run basic ClickHouse performance test on any server without installation of ClickHouse packages.

Automated Run 

You can run benchmark with a single script.

  1. Download the script.
  1. Run the script.
chmod a+x ./
  1. Copy the output and send it to [email protected]

All the results are published here:

Manual Run 

Alternatively you can perform benchmark in the following steps.

  1. ssh to the server and download the binary with wget:
# For amd64:
# For aarch64:
# Then do:
chmod a+x clickhouse
  1. Download benchmark files:
chmod a+x
  1. Download test data according to the Yandex.Metrica dataset instruction (“hits” table containing 100 million rows).
tar xvf hits_100m_obfuscated_v1.tar.xz -C .
mv hits_100m_obfuscated_v1/* .
  1. Run the server:
./clickhouse server
  1. Check the data: ssh to the server in another terminal
./clickhouse client --query "SELECT count() FROM hits_100m_obfuscated"
  1. Run the benchmark:
./ hits_100m_obfuscated
  1. Send the numbers and the info about your hardware configuration to [email protected]

All the results are published here:

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