Performance comparison of ClickHouse on various hardware

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Results for Lenovo B580 Laptop are from Ragıp Ünal. 16GB RAM 1600 GHz, 240GB SSD, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz (2 Core / 4 HT)
Results for are from Ragıp Ünal.
Results for Dell PowerEdge R640, R641 (in Hetzner) are from Dmirty Titov.
Results for Dell PowerEdge R730 are from Amos Bird.
Results for Dell R530 are from Yuriy Zolkin.
Results for Xeon 2176G are from Sergey Golod.
Results for Azure DS3v2 are from Boris Granveaud.
Results for AWS are from Wolf Kreuzerkrieg.
Results for Huawei Taishan are from Peng Gao in
Results for Huawei Taishan (2) are from Kurmaev Roman at Huawei.
Results for Selectel and AMD EPYC 7402P are from Andrey Dudin.
Results for ProLiant are from Denis Ustinov.
Results for AMD EPYC 7502P 128GiB are from Kostiantyn Velychkovskyi.
Results for AMD EPYC 7502P 512GiB are from Sergey Zakharov.
Results for Pinebook Pro are from Aleksey R. @kITerE.
Results for AMD Ryzen are from Alexey Milovidov. Firefox was running in background.
Results for Azure E32s are from Piotr Maśko.
Results for MacBook Pro are from Denis Glazachev. MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 (19E266). For "drop caches", the "Free Up RAM" in CleanMyMac is used.
Results for AMD EPYC 7702 are from Peng Gao in
Results for Intel NUC are from Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity.
Xeon Gold 6230 server is using 4 x SAMSUNG datacenter class SSD in RAID-10.
Results for Yandex Managed ClickHouse for "cold cache" are biased and should not be compared, because cache was not flushed for every next query.
Results for AWS Lightsail is from Vamsi Krishna B.
Results for Dell XPS laptop and Google Pixel phone is from Alexander Kuzmenkov.
Results for Android phones for "cold cache" are done without cache flushing, so they are not "cold" and cannot be compared.
Results for Digital Ocean are from Zimin Aleksey.
Results for 2x EPYC 7642 w/ 512 GB RAM (192 Cores) + 12X 1TB SSD (RAID6) are from Yiğit Konur and Metehan Çetinkaya of
Results for Raspberry Pi and Digital Ocean CPU-optimized are from Fritz Wijaya.
Results for Digitalocean (Storage-intesinve VMs) + (CPU/GP) are from Yiğit Konur and Metehan Çetinkaya of
Results for 2x AMD EPYC 7F72 3.2 Ghz (Total 96 Cores, IBM Cloud's Bare Metal Service) from Yiğit Konur and Metehan Çetinkaya of
Results for 2x AMD EPYC 7742 (128 physical cores, 1 TB DDR4-3200 RAM) from Yedige Davletgaliyev and Nikita Zhavoronkov of
Results for ASUS A15 (Ryzen laptop) are from Kimmo Linna.
Results for MacBook Air M1 are from Denis Glazachev.
Results for Xeon Gold 6140 are from Shiv Iyer (ChistaDATA Labs).
Comparison of EBS and EFS is from Ramazan Polat.
Results for Hetzner and Scaleway are from Anthony Najjar Simon (Panelbear).
Results for GCP are from Vy Nguyen Tan.
Results for ThinkPad P15 are from Mikhail Shiryaev.
Results for RockPi4 are from Kirill Zholnay.
Results for Xeon 6266C are from David in Shanghai.
Results for SSDNodes and Cavium are from Lorenzo QXIP.