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Integrating with ClickHouse Cloud


ClickPipes is a managed integration platform that makes ingesting data from a diverse set of sources as simple as clicking a few buttons. Designed for the most demanding workloads, ClickPipes's robust and scalable architecture ensures consistent performance and reliability. ClickPipes can be used for long-term streaming needs or one-time data loading job.

ClickPipes stack

Supported Data Sources

Apache KafkaStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from Apache Kafka into ClickHouse Cloud.
Confluent CloudStreamingStableUnlock the combined power of Confluent and ClickHouse Cloud through our direct integration.
RedpandaRedpanda logoStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from RedPanda into ClickHouse Cloud.
AWS MSKStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from AWS MSK into ClickHouse Cloud.
Azure Event HubsStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from Azure Event Hubs into ClickHouse Cloud.
UpstashStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from Upstash into ClickHouse Cloud.
WarpStreamStreamingStableConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from WarpStream into ClickHouse Cloud.
Amazon S3Object StorageBetaConfigure ClickPipes to ingest large volumes of data from object storage.
Google Cloud StorageObject StorageBetaConfigure ClickPipes to ingest large volumes of data from object storage.
Amazon KinesisStreamingBetaConfigure ClickPipes and start ingesting streaming data from Amazon Kinesis into ClickHouse cloud.

More connectors are will get added to ClickPipes, you can find out more by contacting us.

List of Static IPs

The following are the static NAT IPs that ClickPipes uses to connect to your Kafka brokers separated by region. Add your related instance region IPs to your IP allowlist to allow traffic. If your instance region is not listed here, it will fall to the default region:

  • eu-central-1 for EU regions
  • us-east-1 for instances in us-east-1
  • us-east-2 for other all regions
ClickHouse Cloud regionIP Addresses

Adjusting ClickHouse settings

ClickHouse Cloud provides sensible defaults for most of the use cases. However, if you need to adjust some ClickHouse settings for the ClickPipes destination tables, a dedicated role for ClickPipes is the most flexible solution. Steps:

  1. create a custom role CREATE ROLE my_clickpipes_role SETTINGS .... See CREATE ROLE syntax for details.
  2. add the custom role to ClickPipes user on step Details and Settings during the ClickPipes creation. Assign a custom role

Error reporting

ClickPipes will create a table next to your destination table with the postfix _clickpipes_error. This table will contain any errors from the operations of your ClickPipe (network, connectivity, etc.) and also any data that don't conform to the schema specified for the clickpipe. The error table has a TTL of 7 days.


  • What is ClickPipes?

    ClickPipes is a ClickHouse Cloud feature that makes it easy for users to connect their ClickHouse services to external data sources, specifically Kafka. With ClickPipes for Kafka, users can easily continuously load data into ClickHouse, making it available for real-time analytics.

  • What types of data sources does ClickPipes support?

    Currently, ClickPipes supports Confluent Cloud, AWS MSK, and Apache Kafka as data sources. However, we are committed to expand our support for more data sources in the future. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

  • Does ClickPipes support data transformation?

    Yes, ClickPipes supports basic data transformation by exposing the DDL creation. You can then apply more advanced transformations to the data as it is loaded into its destination table in a ClickHouse Cloud service leveraging ClickHouse's materialized views feature.

  • Does using ClickPipes incur an additional cost?

    ClickPipes is not billed separately at the moment. Running ClickPipes might generate an indirect compute and storage cost on the destination ClickHouse Cloud service like any ingest workload.

  • Is there a way to handle errors or failures when using ClickPipes for Kafka?

    Yes, ClickPipes for Kafka will automatically retry case of failures when consuming data from Kafka. ClickPipes also supports enabling a dedicated error table that will hold errors and malformed data for 7 days.