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ClickHouse Adopters

The following list of companies using ClickHouse and their success stories is assembled from public sources, thus might differ from current reality. We’d appreciate it if you share the story of adopting ClickHouse in your company and add it to the list, but please make sure you won’t have any NDA issues by doing so. Providing updates with publications from other companies is also useful.

CompanyIndustryUsecaseCluster Size(Un)Compressed Data Size*Reference
2gisMapsMonitoringTalk in Russian, July 2019
3xplSoftware & TechnologyBlockchain ExplorerReddit, February 2023
5CNetworkSoftwareAnalyticsCommunity Slack
AdaptySubscription AnalyticsMain productTweet, November 2021
AdGreetzSoftware & TechnologyAdTech & MarTechBlog, April 2023
AdGuardAnti-AdsAdGuard DNS1,000,000 DNS requests per second from over 50 million usersOfficial Website, August 2022
AdmiralMartechEngagement ManagementWebinar Slides, June 2020
AdmixerMedia & EntertainmentAd AnalyticsBlog Post
AdevintaSoftware & TechnologyOnline ClassifiedsBlog, April 2023
AdScribeAdsTV AnalyticsA quote from CTO
AhrefsSEOAnalyticsMain cluster is 100k+ CPU cores, 800TB RAM.110PB nvme storage, uncompressed data size on main cluster is 1EB.Job listing
aivenCloud data platformManaged Service--Blog post
AkamaiSoftware & TechnologyCDNLinkedIn
AkvoradoNetwork MonitoringMain ProductDocumentation
AlgoNodeSoftware & TechnologyAlgorand HostingTwitter, April 2023
Alibaba CloudCloudManaged ServiceOfficial Website
Alibaba CloudCloudE-MapReduceOfficial Website
Aloha BrowserMobile AppBrowser backendSlides in Russian, May 2019
AltinityCloud, SaaSMain productOfficial Website
AmadeusTravelAnalyticsPress Release, April 2018
ApiRoadAPI marketplaceAnalyticsBlog post, November 2018, March 2020
AppsflyerMobile analyticsMain productTalk in Russian, July 2019
ArenaDataData PlatformMain productSlides in Russian, December 2019
ArgedorClickHouse supportOfficial website
ASO.devSoftware & TechnologyApp store optimisationTwitter, April 2023
AtaniSoftware & TechnologyCrypto PlatformCTO LinkedIn
AvitoClassifiedsMonitoringMeetup, April 2020
AzurePriceAnalyticsMain ProductBlog, November 2022
BadooDatingTimeseries1.6 mln events/sec (2018)Slides in Russian, December 2019
BaselimeSoftware & TechnologyObservability for ServerlessOfficial website
Basic RUMSoftware & TechnologyReal User MonitoringOfficial website
BeelineTelecomData PlatformBlog post, July 2021
BenocsNetwork Telemetry and AnalyticsMain ProductMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides, December 2022 Blog Post, March 2022 Slides in English, October 2017
BentoSoftware & TechnologyPersonal PortfolioTwitter, May 2023
Better StackCloud, SaaSLog Management--Official Website
BIGOVideoComputing PlatformBlog Article, August 2020
BiliBiliVideo sharingBlog post, June 2021
BloombergFinance, MediaMonitoringMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides, December 2022
BloxyBlockchainAnalyticsSlides in Russian, August 2018
BotifySaaSSEOBlog Article, September 2022
BytedanceSocial platformsThe ClickHouse Meetup East, October 2020
Campaign DeputySaaSAnalytics, LogsTweet, February 2023
CastleFraud DetectionMain productCommunity Slack
CARTOBusiness IntelligenceGeo analyticsGeospatial processing with ClickHouse
Cato NetworksNetwork SecuritySecurity event analytics8B (4TB) new events per dayFull Stack Developers Israel, Jan 2023
CERNResearchExperimentPress release, April 2012
ChainbaseBlockchainMain productDocumentation
ChatLayerAI virtual assistantsAnalyticsPress Release, December 2021
ChecklySoftware DevelopmentAnalyticsTweet, October 2021
ChelPipe GroupAnalyticsBlog post, June 2021
CHEQSoftware & TechnologyGTM SecurityMeetup Video, January 2023 Slides, January 2023
ChromaSoftware & TechnologyAI-native embedded databaseGitHub Repository Twitter, February 2023
CiscoNetworkingTraffic analysisLightning talk, October 2019
Citadel SecuritiesFinanceContribution, March 2019
CitymobilTaxiAnalyticsBlog Post in Russian, March 2020
ClickVisualSoftwareLogging PlatformBlog Post, May 2022
ClogSoftware & TechnologyLoggingBlog, February 2023
CloudflareCDNTraffic analysis36 serversBlog post, May 2017, Blog post, March 2018
CoinpaprikaSoftware & TechnologyCryptocurrency Market Data AnalysisBlog, May 2023
ComcastMediaCDN Traffic AnalysisApacheCon 2019 Talk
ContentsquareWeb analyticsMain product[Meetup Video, January 2023] Blog Post, October 2022 Blog post in French, November 2018
CorunetAnalyticsMain productSlides in English, April 2019
CraiditX 氪信Finance AIAnalysisSlides in English, November 2019
CrazypandaGamesLive session on ClickHouse meetup
CriteoRetailMain productSlides in English, October 2018
CryptologyDigital Assets Trading PlatformJob advertisement, March 2021
Cumul.ioSoftware & TechnologyCustomer AnalyticsBlog Post, June 2022
DarwiniumSoftware & TechnologySecurity and Fraud AnalyticsBlog Post, July 2022
DassanaCloud data platformMain product--Blog Post, Jan 2023 Direct reference, April 2022
DatafoldData Reliability PlatformJob advertisement, April 2022
Dataliance for China TelecomTelecomAnalyticsSlides in Chinese, January 2018
Deutsche BankFinanceBI AnalyticsMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides in English, October 2019
DeepFlowSoftware & TechnologyObservabilityGitHub
DeepLMachine LearningBlog Post, July 2022 Video, October 2021
DeeplayGaming AnalyticsJob advertisement, 2020
DENICSoftware & TechnologyData Science AnalyticsBlog Post, May 2022
DigiCertNetwork SecurityDNS Platformover 35 billion events per dayJob posting, Aug 2022
Disney+Video StreamingAnalytics395 TiBMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides, December 2022
Diva-eDigital consultingMain ProductSlides in English, September 2019
DNSMonsterSoftware & TechnologyDNS MonitoringGitHub Repository
Dolphin EmulatorGamesAnalyticsTwitter, Sept 2022
EcommpayPayment ProcessingLogsVideo, Nov 2019
EcwidE-commerce SaaSMetrics, LoggingSlides in Russian, April 2019
eBayE-commerceLogs, Metrics and EventsOfficial website, Sep 2020
ExnessTradingMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, May 2019
ExploAnalytics-Integrations Page, August 2022
EventBunker.ioServerless Data ProcessingTweet, April 2021
FastNetMonDDoS ProtectionMain ProductOfficial website
FireboltAnalyticsMain product--YouTube Tech Talk
Flipkarte-CommerceTalk in English, July 2020
FortiSIEMInformation SecuritySupervisor and WorkerDocumentation
Friendly CaptchaBot ProtectionJob Posting, Aug 2022
FunCorpGames14 bn records/day as of Jan 2021Article
Futurra GroupAnalyticsArticle in Russian, December 2021
G-Core LabsSecurityMain productJob posting, May 2022
Galaxy-FutureSoftware & TechnologyMetric Monitoring & MeasurementCudgX GitHub Repository
GenieeAd networkMain productBlog post in Japanese, July 2017
GenotekBioinformaticsMain productVideo, August 2020
GigapipeManaged ClickHouseMain productOfficial website
GigasheetAnalyticsMain productDirect Reference, February 2022
GitLabCode and DevOpsAPMOfficial website
GlaberMonitoringMain productWebsite
Good Job GamesGamesEvent ProcessingJob Posting, Aug 2022
GorgiasSoftware & TechnologyeCommerce Helpdesk AnalyticsClickHouse Slack, April 2023
GraphCDNCDNTraffic AnalyticsBlog Post in English, August 2021
GraphJSONCloud analytics platformMain product--Official Website, November 2021
GraphQL HiveSoftware DevelopmentTraffic analysisSource code
GrouparooData Warehouse IntegrationsMain productOfficial Website, November 2021
GrowthbookOpen Source Feature FlaggingIntegrationOfficial Website, July 2022
Haibo 海博科技Big DataOLAPPersonal reference
Hi-FiSoftware & TechnologyMusic Industry AnalyticsBlog Post, January 2023
highlightSoftware & TechnologyMonitoringHacker News, February 2023, GitHub
HockeyStackAnalytics platformOLAPBlog
HUYAVideo StreamingAnalyticsSlides in Chinese, October 2018
HydrolixCloud data platformMain productDocumentation
HystaxCloud OperationsObservability Analytics--Blog
IBMAPM PlatformEx-InstanaSee Instana
ICAFinTechRisk ManagementBlog Post in English, Sep 2020
IdealistaReal EstateAnalyticsBlog Post in English, April 2019
ImprovadoRevenue OperationsData StackBlog Post, December 2021
InfobaleenAI markting toolAnalyticsOfficial site
InfovistaNetworksAnalyticsSlides in English, October 2019
InnoGamesGamesMetrics, LoggingSlides in Russian, September 2019
inigoSoftware & TechnologyGraphQL GatewayBlog, March 2023
InstacartDeliveryData Engineering and InfrastructureBlog Post, May 2022
InstabugAPM PlatformMain productBlog Post, May 2022
InstanaAPM PlatformMain productTwitter post
IntegrosPlatform for video servicesAnalyticsSlides in Russian, May 2019
Ippon TechnologiesTechnology ConsultingTalk in English, July 2020
IviOnline CinemaAnalytics, MonitoringArticle in Russian, Jan 2018
Jinshuju 金数据BI AnalyticsMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2019
JitsuCloud SoftwareData PipelineDocumentation, Hacker News post
JuiceFSStorageShopping Cart--Blog
JuneProduct analyticsMain product--Job post
JuspaySoftware & TechnologyPaymentsBlog, March 2023
kakaocorpInternet companyif(kakao)2020, if(kakao)2021
KaikoDigital Assets Data ProviderJob advertisement, April 2022
KlaviyoE-Commerce Marketing Automation Platform128 nodesKlaviyo Engineering Blog, Jan 2023
Kodiak DataCloudsMain productSlides in Engish, April 2018
KonturSoftware DevelopmentMetricsTalk in Russian, November 2018
KuaishouVideoClickHouse Meetup, October 2018
KGK GlobalVehicle monitoringPress release, June 2021
KyligenceManaged ServiceMain ProductWebsite
LANCOM SystemsNetwork SolutionsTraffic analysis--ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes, Hacker News post
laudspeakerSoftware & TechnologyOpen Source MessagingGitHub
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryResearchTraffic analysis5 servers55 TiBSlides in English, April 2019
LeverTalent ManagementRecruiting--Hacker News post
LifeStreetAd networkMain product75 servers (3 replicas)5.27 PiBBlog post in Russian, February 2017
Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)Social MediaData warehousePresentation, March 2023
LogSnagSoftware & TechnologyRealtime MonitoringInterview, December 2022
LogtailCloud, SaaSLog Management--Official Website
Loja IntegradaE-CommerceCase Study, March 2023
LookforsaleE-CommerceJob Posting, December 2021
LuabaseSoftwareAnalyticsHacker News, April 2022 Cloud SolutionsCloud servicesMain productArticle in Russian
MarfeelMobile SaaSJob offer, Apr 2022
MAXILECTAd Tech, Blockchain, ML, AIJob advertisement, 2021
MarilynAdvertisingStatisticsTalk in Russian, June 2017
MelloMarketingAnalytics1 serverArticle, October 2020
MessageBirdTelecommunicationsStatisticsSlides in English, November 2018
metodaSoftware & TechnologyAdvertistingClickHouse Meetup, September 2022
MetricFireManaged ServiceMonitoringBlog, November 2022
Microsoft - ClarityWeb AnalyticsClarity (Main Product)Meetup Video, January 2023 A question on GitHub
Microsoft - TitanSoftware & TechnologyInternal Data Analytics (Titan)Meetup Video, January 2023
MindsDBMachine LearningMain ProductOfficial Website
MotodataMonitoringMain ProductOfficial Website
MUXOnline VideoVideo AnalyticsTalk in English, August 2019
MGIDAd networkWeb-analyticsBlog post in Russian, April 2020
Muse GroupMusic SoftwarePerformance MonitoringBlog post in Russian, January 2021
MyScaleSoftware & TechnologyAI DatabaseDocs
NANO CorpSoftware & TechnologyNOC as a ServiceBlog Post, July 2022
NetMetaObservabilityMain ProductTweet, December 2022
NetskopeNetwork SecurityJob advertisement, March 2021
Nexpath NetworksSoftware & TechnologyNetwork AnalysisSlides, September 2021 Video, September 2021
NGINXApplication Delivery NetworkNGINX Management SuiteDocumentation
NIC LabsNetwork MonitoringRaTA-DNSBlog post, March 2021
NLMKSteelMonitoringArticle in Russian, Jan 2022
NOC ProjectNetwork MonitoringAnalyticsMain ProductOfficial Website
NoctionNetwork TechnologyMain ProductOfficial Website
ntopNetwork MonitoningMonitoringOfficial website, January 2022
Nuna Inc.Health Data AnalyticsTalk in English, July 2020
OdenSoftware & TechnologyManufacturingMeetup, April 2023
OdoscopeSoftware & TechnologyCustomer Engagement PlatformAwards Submission, February 2023
Ok.ruSocial Network72 servers810 TB compressed, 50bn rows/day, 1.5 TB/daySmartData conference, October 2021
OmnicommTransportation MonitoringFacebook post, October 2021
OneAPMMonitoring and Data AnalysisMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2018
OONIOpen Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)Main productBlog, May 2023Tweet August 2022
OpenReplayProduct AnalyticsSession ReplayDocs
OpenseeFinancial AnalyticsMain product--Blog Post, February 2022 Blog Post, December 2021
Open TargetsGenome ResearchGenome SearchTweet, October 2021, Blog
OpstraceObservabilitySource code
OpsVerseObservabilityTweet, 2022
OxideHardware & SoftwareServer Control PlaneGitHub Repository
OZONE-commerceOfficial website
PanelbearAnalyticsMonitoring and AnalyticsTech Stack, November 2020
Percent 百分点AnalyticsMain ProductSlides in Chinese, June 2019
PerconaPerformance analysisPercona Monitoring and ManagementOfficial website, Mar 2020
PheLiGeSoftware & TechnologyGenetic StudiesAcademic Paper, November 2020
PingCAPAnalyticsReal-Time Transactional and Analytical Processing--GitHub, TiFlash/TiDB
PirschSoftware & TechnologyWeb AnalyticsHacker News, April 2023
Piwik PROWeb AnalyticsOfficial website, Dec 2018
PlausibleAnalyticsMain ProductBlog Post, December 2021 Tweet, June 2020
PoeticMetricMetricsMain ProductCommunity Slack, April 2022
PostHogProduct AnalyticsMain ProductRelease Notes, October 2020, Blog, November 2021
PostmatesDeliveryTalk in English, July 2020
Pragma InnovationTelemetry and Big Data AnalysisMain productSlides in English, October 2018
PRANAIndustrial predictive analyticsMain productNews (russian), Feb 2021
QINGCLOUDCloud servicesMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2018
QratorDDoS protectionMain productBlog Post, March 2019
QualifiedSales Pipeline ManagementData and Messaging layersJob posting, Nov 2022
QuickCheckFinTechAnalyticsBlog post, May 2022
R-VisionInformation SecurityArticle in Russian, December 2021
RaiffeisenbankBankingAnalyticsLecture in Russian, December 2020
RamblerInternet servicesAnalyticsTalk in Russian, April 2018
RELEXSupply Chain PlanningForecastingMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides, December 2022
ReplicaUrban PlanningAnalyticsJob advertisement
ResmoSoftware & TechnologyCloud Security & Asset Management1 c7g.xlarge node,
4 CPUs Graviton3275 GiBBlog, April 2023
RetellSpeech synthesisAnalyticsBlog Article, August 2020
RoktSoftware & TechnologyeCommerceMeetup Video, December 2022 Slides, December 2022
RollbarSoftware DevelopmentMain ProductOfficial Website
RspamdAntispamAnalyticsOfficial Website
RuSIEMSIEMMain ProductOfficial Website
SantimentBehavioral analytics for the crypto marketMain ProductGithub repo
S7 AirlinesAirlinesMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, March 2019
SberBanking, Fintech, Retail, Cloud, Media128 servers>1 PBJob advertisement, March 2021
Scale8Tag Management and AnalyticsMain product--Source Code
scireum GmbHe-CommerceMain productTalk in German, February 2020
SendinblueSoftware & TechnologySegmentation100 nodesBlog, February 2023
SegmentData processingMain product9 * i3en.3xlarge nodes 7.5TB NVME SSDs, 96GB Memory, 12 vCPUsSlides, 2019
sembot.ioShopping AdsA comment on LinkedIn, 2020
SEMrushMarketingMain productSlides in Russian, August 2018
SentioSoftware & TechnologyObservabilityTwitter, April 2023
SentrySoftware DevelopmentMain productBlog Post in English, May 2019
seo.doAnalyticsMain productSlides in English, November 2019
ServiceNowManaged ServicesQualitative Mobile AnalyticsMeetup Video, January 2023 Slides, January 2023
SGKGovernment Social SecurityAnalyticsSlides in English, November 2019
SigNozObservability PlatformMain ProductSource code
SinaNewsSlides in Chinese, October 2018
SipfrontSoftware DevelopmentAnalyticsTweet, October 2021
slidoSoftware & TechnologyQ&A and PollingMeetup, April 2023
SMI2NewsAnalyticsBlog Post in Russian, November 2017
Sonrai SecurityCloud Security-Slack comments
Spark New ZealandTelecommunicationsSecurity OperationsBlog Post, Feb 2020
SplitbeeAnalyticsMain ProductBlog Post, Mai 2021
SplunkBusiness AnalyticsMain productSlides in English, January 2018
SpotifyMusicExperimentationSlides, July 2018
SQLPadSoftware & TechnologyWeb-based SQL editor.GitHub, March 2023
StaffbaseSoftware & TechnologyInternal CommunicationsClickHouse Slack, April 2023
StaffcopInformation SecurityMain ProductOfficial website, Documentation
SuningE-CommerceUser behaviour analyticsBlog article
SuperologySoftware & TechnologyCustomer AnalyticsBlog Post, June 2022
SuperwallMonetization ToolingMain productWord of mouth, Jan 2022
SwetrixAnalyticsMain ProductSource code
Swift NavigationGeo PositioningData PipelinesJob posting, Nov 2022
SyneriseML&AIFeature Store--Presentation, April 2020
SynpseApplication ManagementMain Product--Tweet, January 2022
TeamAptFinTechData ProcessingOfficial Website
TeralyticsMobilityAnalyticsTech blog
TencentBig DataData processingSlides in Chinese, October 2018
TencentMessagingLoggingTalk in Chinese, November 2019
Tencent Music Entertainment (TME)BigDataData processingBlog in Chinese, June 2020
TeslaElectric vehicle and clean energy companyVacancy description, March 2021
The GuildAPI PlatformMonitoringBlog Post, November 2022 Blog
TinybirdReal-time Data ProductsData processingOfficial website
Traffic StarsAD network300 servers in Europe/US1.8 PiB, 700 000 insert rps (as of 2021)Slides in Russian, May 2018
TrillabitSoftware & TechnologyBusiness IntelligenceBlog, January 2023
Trip.comTravel ServicesLoggingMeetup, March 2023
TURBOARDBI AnalyticsOfficial website
UberTaxiLoggingSlides, February 2020
UptraceSoftwareTracing SolutionOfficial website, March 2021
UsermavenProduct AnalyticsMain ProductHackerNews, January 2023
UseTechSoftware DevelopmentJob Posting, December 2021
UTMSTATAnalyticsMain productBlog post, June 2020
Valueleaf Services Pvt.LtdSoftware & TechnologyMartech platform, Ads platform and Loan aggregator platformClickHouse Slack, April 2023
VantageSoftware & TechnologyCloud Cost ManagementMeetup, April 2023
VercelTraffic and Performance AnalyticsDirect reference, October 2021
VKontakteSocial NetworkStatistics, LoggingSlides in Russian, August 2018
VKontechDistributed SystemsMigrating from MongoDB--Blog, January 2022
VMwareCloudVeloCloud, SDNProduct documentation
VoltusEnergyBlog Post, Aug 2022
Walmart LabsInternet, RetailTalk in English, July 2020
WebGazerUptime MonitoringMain ProductCommunity Slack, April 2022
WildberriesE-commerceOfficial website
WisebitsIT SolutionsAnalyticsSlides in Russian, May 2019
WorkatoAutomation SoftwareTalk in English, July 2020
WSPR LiveSoftware & TechnologyWSPR Spot DataTwitter, April 2023
WundergraphSoftware & TechnologyAPI PlatformTwitter, February 2023
XenossMartech, Adtech developmentOfficial website
Xiaoxin TechEducationCommon purposeSlides in English, November 2019
XimalayaAudio sharingOLAPSlides in English, November 2019
Yandex CloudPublic CloudMain productTalk in Russian, December 2019
Yandex DataLensBusiness IntelligenceMain productSlides in Russian, December 2019
Yandex Markete-CommerceMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, January 2019
Yandex MetricaWeb analyticsMain product630 servers in one cluster, 360 servers in another cluster, 1862 servers in one department133 PiB / 8.31 PiB / 120 trillion recordsSlides, February 2020
YellowfinAnalyticsMain product--Integration
YotascaleCloudData pipeline2 bn records/dayLinkedIn (Accomplishments)
Your AnalyticsProduct AnalyticsMain Product-Tweet, November 2021
YTsaurusDistributed Storage and ProcessingMain product--Main website
Zagrava TradingJob offer, May 2021
ZerodhaStock BrokerLoggingBlog, March 2023
Zing DataSoftware & TechnologyBusiness IntelligenceBlog, May 2023
zipySoftware & TechnologyUser session debugBlog, April 2023
ЦВТSoftware DevelopmentMetrics, LoggingBlog Post, March 2019, in Russian
МКБBankWeb-system monitoringSlides in Russian, September 2019
ЦФТBanking, Financial products, PaymentsMeetup in Russian, April 2020
Цифровой РабочийIndustrial IoT, AnalyticsBlog post in Russian, March 2021
ООО «МПЗ Богородский»AgricultureArticle in Russian, November 2020
ДомКликReal EstateArticle in Russian, October 2021
АС "Стрела"TransportationJob posting, Jan 2022
Deepglint 格灵深瞳AI, Computer VisionOLAPOfficial Website