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ClickHouse Cloud

ClickHouse Cloud is the cloud offering created by the original creators of the popular open-source OLAP database ClickHouse. You can experience ClickHouse Cloud by starting a free trial.

ClickHouse Cloud benefits:

Some of the benefits of using ClickHouse Cloud are described below:

  • Fast time to value: Start building instantly without having to size and scale your cluster.
  • Seamless scaling: Automatic scaling adjusts to variable workloads so you don't have to over-provision for peak usage.
  • Serverless operations: Sit back while we take care of sizing, scaling, security, reliability, and upgrades.
  • Transparent pricing: Pay only for what you use, with resource reservations and scaling controls.
  • Total cost of ownership: Best price / performance ratio and low administrative overhead.
  • Broad ecosystem: Bring your favorite data connectors, visualization tools, SQL and language clients with you.

You can see a walkthrough of how to get started in the video below:

What version of ClickHouse does ClickHouse Cloud use?

Clickhouse Cloud continuously upgrades your service to a newer version. After publishing a core database version in the open source, we do additional validation in our cloud staging environment, which typically takes 6-8 weeks before rolling out to production. The rollout is phased out by cloud service provider, service type, and region.

We offer a "Fast" Release Channel for subscribing to updates ahead of the regular release schedule. Access to early upgrades is recommended only for non-production environments and can be requested by logging a support ticket.

If you rely on functionality in the earlier version, you can, in some cases, revert to the previous behavior using your service's compatibility setting.