Table Functions 

Table functions are methods for constructing tables.

You can use table functions in:

  • FROM clause of the SELECT query.

    The method for creating a temporary table that is available only in the current query. The table is deleted when the query finishes.
  • CREATE TABLE AS table_function() query.

    It's one of the methods of creating a table.
Function Description
file Creates a File-engine table.
merge Creates a Merge-engine table.
numbers Creates a table with a single column filled with integer numbers.
remote Allows you to access remote servers without creating a Distributed-engine table.
url Creates a Url-engine table.
mysql Creates a MySQL-engine table.
postgresql Creates a PostgreSQL-engine table.
jdbc Creates a JDBC-engine table.
odbc Creates a ODBC-engine table.
hdfs Creates a HDFS-engine table.
s3 Creates a S3-engine table.
sqlite Creates a sqlite-engine table.

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