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Table Functions

Table functions are methods for constructing tables.

You can use table functions in:


You can’t use table functions if the allow_ddl setting is disabled.

fileCreates a File-engine table.
mergeCreates a Merge-engine table.
numbersCreates a table with a single column filled with integer numbers.
remoteAllows you to access remote servers without creating a Distributed-engine table.
urlCreates a Url-engine table.
mysqlCreates a MySQL-engine table.
postgresqlCreates a PostgreSQL-engine table.
jdbcCreates a JDBC-engine table.
odbcCreates a ODBC-engine table.
hdfsCreates a HDFS-engine table.
s3Creates a S3-engine table.
sqliteCreates a sqlite-engine table.

Only these table functions are enabled in readonly mode : null, view, viewIfPermitted, numbers, numbers_mt, generateRandom, values, cluster, clusterAllReplicas