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This table function allows integrating ClickHouse with Redis.


redis(host:port, key, structure[, db_index[, password[, pool_size]]])


  • host:port — Redis server address, you can ignore port and default Redis port 6379 will be used.

  • key — any column name in the column list.

  • structure — The schema for the ClickHouse table returned from this function.

  • db_index — Redis db index range from 0 to 15, default is 0.

  • password — User password, default is blank string.

  • pool_size — Redis max connection pool size, default is 16.

  • primary must be specified, it supports only one column in the primary key. The primary key will be serialized in binary as a Redis key.

  • columns other than the primary key will be serialized in binary as Redis value in corresponding order.

  • queries with key equals or in filtering will be optimized to multi keys lookup from Redis. If queries without filtering key full table scan will happen which is a heavy operation.

Named collections are not supported for redis table function at the moment.

Returned Value

A table object with key as Redis key, other columns packaged together as Redis value.

Usage Example

Read from Redis:

SELECT * FROM redis(
'key String, v1 String, v2 UInt32'

Insert into Redis:

'key String, v1 String, v2 UInt32') values ('1', '1', 1);

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