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Functions for Searching and Replacing in Strings


Functions for searching and other manipulations with strings are described separately.

replaceOne(haystack, pattern, replacement)​

Replaces the first occurrence, if it exists, of the β€˜pattern’ substring in β€˜haystack’ with the β€˜replacement’ substring. Hereafter, β€˜pattern’ and β€˜replacement’ must be constants.

replaceAll(haystack, pattern, replacement), replace(haystack, pattern, replacement)​

Replaces all occurrences of the β€˜pattern’ substring in β€˜haystack’ with the β€˜replacement’ substring.

replaceRegexpOne(haystack, pattern, replacement)​

Replacement using the β€˜pattern’ regular expression. A re2 regular expression. Replaces only the first occurrence, if it exists. A pattern can be specified as β€˜replacement’. This pattern can include substitutions \0-\9. The substitution \0 includes the entire regular expression. Substitutions \1-\9 correspond to the subpattern numbers.To use the \ character in a template, escape it using \. Also keep in mind that a string literal requires an extra escape.

Example 1. Converting the date to American format:

replaceRegexpOne(toString(EventDate), '(\\d{4})-(\\d{2})-(\\d{2})', '\\2/\\3/\\1') AS res
FROM test.hits
FORMAT TabSeparated
2014-03-17      03/17/2014
2014-03-18 03/18/2014
2014-03-19 03/19/2014
2014-03-20 03/20/2014
2014-03-21 03/21/2014
2014-03-22 03/22/2014
2014-03-23 03/23/2014

Example 2. Copying a string ten times:

SELECT replaceRegexpOne('Hello, World!', '.*', '\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0\\0') AS res
β”‚ Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World! β”‚

replaceRegexpAll(haystack, pattern, replacement)​

This does the same thing, but replaces all the occurrences. Example:

SELECT replaceRegexpAll('Hello, World!', '.', '\\0\\0') AS res
β”‚ HHeelllloo,, WWoorrlldd!! β”‚

As an exception, if a regular expression worked on an empty substring, the replacement is not made more than once. Example:

SELECT replaceRegexpAll('Hello, World!', '^', 'here: ') AS res
β”‚ here: Hello, World! β”‚


The function adds a backslash before some predefined characters in the string. Predefined characters: \0, \\, |, (, ), ^, $, ., [, ], ?, *, +, {, :, -. This implementation slightly differs from re2::RE2::QuoteMeta. It escapes zero byte as \0 instead of \x00 and it escapes only required characters. For more information, see the link: RE2