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The engine allows to import and export data to SQLite and supports queries to SQLite tables directly from ClickHouse.

Creating a Table​

    CREATE TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] [db.]table_name 
name1 [type1],
name2 [type2], ...
) ENGINE = SQLite('db_path', 'table')

Engine Parameters

  • db_path — Path to SQLite file with a database.
  • table — Name of a table in the SQLite database.

Usage Example​

Shows a query creating the SQLite table:

SHOW CREATE TABLE sqlite_db.table2;
`col1` Nullable(Int32),
`col2` Nullable(String)
ENGINE = SQLite('sqlite.db','table2');

Returns the data from the table:

SELECT * FROM sqlite_db.table2 ORDER BY col1;
│ 1 │ text1 │
│ 2 │ text2 │
│ 3 │ text3 │

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