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Designing Unified Data Platforms With ClickHouse

Sachidanand Maharana & Gaurav Nigam Senior Engineers, Nutanix

This talk will explore ClickHouse as the backbone for a Unified Data Platform. We will share a real world re-architecture to integrate multiple products, with their unique legacies within one product. These products span across analytics, time-series and observability. We narrate a story on how we replaced dedicated databases for each with one database - ClickHouse, reducing our database footprint and easing management. This is a story of designing and benchmarking for a unified data platform around clickhouse, our journey, challenges and learnings.

Speaker Bios Sachidananda Maharana is Senior Engineer and a database internals expert in the CPaaS Team at Nutanix. Sachidanand is working on defining a central data platform to work across products operating on a kubernetes substrate. Sachidananda loves open source and specializes in distributed OLAP databases.

Gaurav Nigam is a Senior member of technical staff at Nutanix and a distributed system enthusiast. Gaurav is the most active ClickHouse user at Nutanix and specializes in running time series use cases efficiently at scale atop clickhouse.

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