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Does ClickHouse support row-level and column-level security?

· One min read

ClickHouse and ClickHouse Cloud both support row and column-level access restrictions for read-only users necessary to achieve a role-based access control (RBAC) model.

Row Policies can be used to specify which rows will be returned to a read-only user when they query a table. ClickHouse Cloud is configured to enable the SQL-driven workflow by default. To leverage this workflow CREATE a user, GRANT the user privileges on a table, then set the appropriate ROW POLICY. When the user performs a SELECT * FROM table, only rows allowed by the policy will be displayed.

Column-level restrictions may be specified directly using the GRANT statement to enable table-level access for users and roles. Users may only include columns for which they have access in a query. Selecting restricted columns from a table in which the user does not have access to all the specified columns, such as in the query SELECT * FROM table, will return an error stating the user has insufficient permissions.