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What queries are using Materialized Views?

· 2 min read

Question: How do I show all queries involving materialized views in the last 60m?


This query will display all queries directed towards Materialized Views considering that:

  • we can leverage the create_table_query field in system.tables table to identify what tables are explicit (TO) recipient of MVs;
  • we can track back (using uuid and the name convention .inner_id.<uuid>) what tables are implicit recipient of MVs;

We can also configure how long back in time we want to look, by changing the value (60 m by default) in the initial query CTE

WITH(60) -- default 60m
AS timeRange,
--prepare names of possible implicit MV hidden target tables for *any* table with NON NULL uuid
SELECT groupArray(
concat('default.`.inner_id.', toString(uuid), '`')
FROM clusterAllReplicas(default, system.tables)
WHERE notEmpty(uuid)
) AS MV_implicit_possible_hidden_target_tables_names_array,
--captures MV name and target tables (if TO is specified)
--TODO it seems that extract will return just the first capturing group :( replace with regexpExtract once available
SELECT arrayFilter(
x->x != '',
--remove empty captures
'^CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW\s(\w+\.\w+)\s(?:TO\s(\S+))?'
FROM clusterAllReplicas(default, system.tables)
WHERE engine = 'MaterializedView'
) AS MV_explicit_target_tables_names_array
SELECT event_time,
tables as "MVs tables"
FROM clusterAllReplicas(default, system.query_log)
-- only SELECT within 60m
event_time > now() - toIntervalMinute(timeRange)
AND startsWith(query, 'SELECT')
) -- check either that query involves implicit MV target table names
OR -- check that query involves explicit MV target table
hasAny(tables, MV_explicit_target_tables_names_array)
ORDER BY event_time DESC;

expected output:

| event_time          | query                                                                                          | MVs tables                                                            |
| ------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| 2023-02-23 08:14:14 | SELECT rand(),* FROM default.sum_of_volumes, default.big_changes, system.users | ["default.big_changes_mv","default.sum_of_volumes_mv","system.users"] |
| 2023-02-23 08:04:47 | SELECT price,* FROM default.sum_of_volumes, default.big_changes | ["default.big_changes_mv","default.sum_of_volumes_mv"] |

In this example results above default.big_changes_mv and default.sum_of_volumes_mv are both materialized views.