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How to check my ClickHouse Cloud Service state

· One min read

How do I check my ClickHouse Cloud Service state? I want to check if the Service is stopped, idle, or running, but I don't want to wake the Service up in doing so.


The ClickHouse Cloud API is great for checking the status of a cloud service. You need to create an API Key in your service before you can use the Cloud API. You can do this in ClickHouse Cloud

  1. To check the status of a service, run the following. Make sure to replace Key-ID and Key-Secret with your respective details:

    curl --user '[Key-ID]:[Key-Secret]'[Org-ID]/services/[Service-ID]

    This will output something like:

  2. You can use the JQ utility to extract the state key:

    curl --user '[Key-ID]:[Key-Secret]'[Org-ID]/services/[Service-ID] | jq '.state'

    This will output something like:

  3. Running the same command against an actively running service will output: