Contains information about currently running background fetches.


  • database (String) — Name of the database.

  • table (String) — Name of the table.

  • elapsed (Float64) — The time elapsed (in seconds) since showing currently running background fetches started.

  • progress (Float64) — The percentage of completed work from 0 to 1.

  • result_part_name (String) — The name of the part that will be formed as the result of showing currently running background fetches.

  • result_part_path (String) — Absolute path to the part that will be formed as the result of showing currently running background fetches.

  • partition_id (String) — ID of the partition.

  • total_size_bytes_compressed (UInt64) — The total size (in bytes) of the compressed data in the result part.

  • bytes_read_compressed (UInt64) — The number of compressed bytes read from the result part.

  • source_replica_path (String) — Absolute path to the source replica.

  • source_replica_hostname (String) — Hostname of the source replica.

  • source_replica_port (UInt16) — Port number of the source replica.

  • interserver_scheme (String) — Name of the interserver scheme.

  • URI (String) — Uniform resource identifier.

  • to_detached (UInt8) — The flag indicates whether the currently running background fetch is being performed using the TO DETACHED expression.

  • thread_id (UInt64) — Thread identifier.


SELECT * FROM system.replicated_fetches LIMIT 1 FORMAT Vertical;
Row 1:
database:                    default
table:                       t
elapsed:                     7.243039876
progress:                    0.41832135995612835
result_part_name:            all_0_0_0
result_part_path:            /var/lib/clickhouse/store/700/70080a04-b2de-4adf-9fa5-9ea210e81766/all_0_0_0/
partition_id:                all
total_size_bytes_compressed: 1052783726
bytes_read_compressed:       440401920
source_replica_path:         /clickhouse/test/t/replicas/1
source_replica_hostname:     node1
source_replica_port:         9009
interserver_scheme:          http
URI:                         http://node1:9009/?endpoint=DataPartsExchange%3A%2Fclickhouse%2Ftest%2Ft%2Freplicas%2F1&part=all_0_0_0&client_protocol_version=4&compress=false
to_detached:                 0
thread_id:                   54

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