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Outputs a data directory containing metadata for a specified ClickHouse table. This metadata can be used to create a ClickHouse table on a different server containing a read-only dataset backed by a web disk.

Do not use this tool to migrate data. Instead, use the BACKUP and RESTORE commands.


$ clickhouse static-files-disk-uploader [args]


-h, --helpPrints help information
--metadata-path [path]The path containing metadata for the specified table
--test-modeEnables test mode, which submits a PUT request to the given URL with the table metadata
--linkCreates symlinks instead of copying files to the output directory
--url [url]Web server URL for test mode
--output-dir [dir]Directory to output files in non-test mode

Retrieve metadata path for the specified table

When using clickhouse-static-files-disk-uploader, you must obtain the metadata path for your desired table.

  1. Run the following query specifying your target table and database:

SELECT data_paths
FROM system.tables
WHERE name = 'mytable' AND database = 'default';
  1. This should return the path to the data directory for the specified table:

│ ['./store/bcc/bccc1cfd-d43d-43cf-a5b6-1cda8178f1ee/'] │

Output table metadata directory to the local filesystem

Using the target output directory output and a given metadata path, execute the following command:

$ clickhouse static-files-disk-uploader --output-dir output --metadata-path ./store/bcc/bccc1cfd-d43d-43cf-a5b6-1cda8178f1ee/

If successful, you should see the following message, and the output directory should contain the metadata for the specified table:

Data path: "/Users/john/store/bcc/bccc1cfd-d43d-43cf-a5b6-1cda8178f1ee", destination path: "output"

Output table metadata directory to an external URL

This step is similar to outputting the data directory to the local filesystem but with the addition of the --test-mode flag. Instead of specifying an output directory, you must specify a target URL via the --url flag.

With test mode enabled, the table metadata directory is uploaded to the specified URL via a PUT request.

$ clickhouse static-files-disk-uploader --test-mode --url http://nginx:80/test1 --metadata-path ./store/bcc/bccc1cfd-d43d-43cf-a5b6-1cda8178f1ee/

Using the table metadata directory to create a ClickHouse table

Once you have the table metadata directory, you can use it to create a ClickHouse table on a different server.

Please see this GitHub repo showing a demo. In the example, we create a table using a web disk, which allows us to attach the table to a dataset on a different server.